Isle of Wight Hunt court appearance avoided thanks to agreement with council (updated)

The noise abatement order was breached over a year ago, but an ‘accommodation’ was reached this week, meaning the Isle of Wight Hunt directors avoided a court appearance

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The Isle of Wight Hunt has been cautioned for breaking a noise abatement notice.

A trial was scheduled to be heard at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court over two days this week, to hear evidence of how the Hunt had contravened and failed to comply with an abatement notice between 3rd May and 30th August last year (2019).

Agreement reached with council
However, an ‘accommodation’ was reached beforehand between the Isle of Wight Council, who issued the original abatement notice in September 2018, and the Hunt’s directors, Anthony Blest and John Curtis (Ventnor Botanic Garden).

What are noise abatement notices?
Noise abatement notices are issued by local authorities following an investigation of complaints about a certain issue that may be considered a ‘statutory nuisance’.

The failure to comply was caused by the ‘statutory nuisance’ of barking and/or howling of a hound or hounds, without reasonable excuse, contrary to section 80 (4) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Hunt admitted the offence
Duncan Milne, prosecuting, offered no formal evidence to the court and said:

“The position is that the civil cautions for the matters which are before this court have been signed by the directors on behalf of this company.”

The Hunt admitted the offence and signed the caution.

Agreed at County Hall
The formal notice was agreed at County Hall, the Isle of Wight Council’s main office space, in Newport, yesterday (14th September).

If the Hunt breaches the caution, the Isle of Wight Council has confirmed the case could go back to court.

IW Hunt welcome outcome of proceedings
Mr Blest and Mr Curtis said,

“The Isle of Wight Hunt Ltd. welcome the outcome of proceedings against us by the Isle of Wight Council.

“The Council has agreed to withdraw its case and work with us on a cooperative basis to help us to continue to manage noise in Gatcombe.

“We are grateful to 20 households in Gatcombe for their support in helping us achieve this outcome.”

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3pm 16th Sept 2020 – Quote from Blest and Curtis added

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Well, it all may be legal but it does nothing to dispel the thought that there’s one rule for “them” and another rule for “us”


GROUSE shooting and fox hunting with guns are exempt from the government’s new ‘Rule of Six’ on social gatherings.

Now there’s a surprise


Well I think we all know what the verdict will be.


Why are they even hunting when its banned !!!
I hope Isle of Wight Police will tell them again to Stop Hunting & pretending its OK saying they arent really hunting when they are…!!! Ask Brian May @SaveMe trust & many others too Its barbaric & shouldnt be allowed anywhere

Jenny Smart

Unfortunately Boris Johnson has in the past said he is pro fox hunting, so I doubt anything will change whilst the conservatives are in power.