Isle of Wight Labour Party kicks off EU Campaign in Newport

Island Labour say they are trying to represent both Leave and remain voters, and “to bring our country back together”.

Labour members taking part in eu election campaigning

Julian shares this latest news on behalf of Island Labour. Ed

Island Labour today began its campaign for the EU elections on 23rd May, with a leafleting and canvassing event in Newport.

Labour Party members spoke to hundreds of Islanders to urge them to cast their vote for Labour in the forthcoming election.

Representing Leave and Remain voters
Island Labour Chair, Julian Critchley, said:

“It was great to see so many of our members turn out on a brisk day. The EU elections don’t normally inspire the most engagement with voters, and these don’t look like testing any turnout records.

“However, an unpleasant strain of right-wing nationalism is on the rise with both UKIP and Farage’s latest vanity project, as we saw at the EU hustings last week. We can’t just sit back and let that sort of poison go unchallenged.

“At a time when every other party is picking a “side” and digging trenches, only Labour is trying to represent both Leave and remain voters, and to bring our country back together.”

Labour’s branches all over the Island will be campaigning in their areas next weekend, to maintain the momentum.

Monday, 13th May, 2019 8:43am



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iain mckie

Labour claiming to represent both Leave and Remain views is a bit like some claiming to be a meat eating vegetarian

The Labour Party Manifesto is so full of caveats that no one can know where they stand on a single issue. With such a divided party they seem destined to remain the the middle of the road- trying to please all and pleasing none. On our EU membership their policy is clearly in favour of Brexit – their preferred option is to do a deal on Brexit… Read more »
Until Jeremy Corbyn gets off the fence and decides if his party is pro Brexit or EU friendly I can’t help thinking that the local Labour party has it’s work cut out. I hope that I say that without meaning any disrespect to our local Labour party either, I have no axe to grind with them and in fact I’m in total agreement with them regarding UKIP… Read more »

Labour’s message boils down to “Don’t vote for the Brexit Party, vote for *our* Brexit party”. My message to Labour: “Get lost”.

I’m voting Green because they’re a Remain-supporting party and are fighting to solve the climate crisis that threatens us all. I urge anyone that cares about the same things to do the same.

iain mckie

Someone, apologies

Mark L Francis
The Labour Party has been split down the middle, but the logic of our current situation means it is drifting towards Remain. This is because the Labour Party reflect British public opinion in general. I voted Remain & will do so in the next referendum because I knew it would be chaos. Since Universal Credit is coming out as a train-wreck costing 7x the estimated I reckoned… Read more »
Geoff Brodie
After much heart searching and after originally planning to spoil my ballot, I used my postal vote yesterday to continue my 100% record of voting Labour at every election of the last 44 years. I did this with some reluctance as I believe that they are betraying their 2017 manifesto commitment to respect the 2016 referendum. However, there is no effective and organised left Leave voice in… Read more »
iain mckie

Geoff, I respect your unwavering and dignified approach on this constitution issue. I believe that you have campaigned in the best interests of your constituents, and while I may disagree with your overall politics, you have my respect,