Isle of Wight modified car community to say goodbye to Michaela at memorial meet up

The memorial meet up will be an opportunity for those in the Isle of Wight modified car community to come together and say goodbye to Michaela in their own special way

michaela logan

A date has been set for members of the Isle of Wight modified car community to come together and pay tribute to Michaela Logan, the 19-year-old Islander who passed away earlier this month in a road traffic incident.

Organised by her brother Tom Logan, the meet takes place on Sunday, 9th February between 6pm and 8pm at Tesco Extra (Brading Rd, Ryde).

The BBC will be filming the meet, and police will be present due to the number of cars expected.

“Great way for IOW Car Community to pull together and say goodbye in our own way”
Posting the event on Facebook, Tom said,

“I know a lot of you will be looking for a way to say goodbye to M and I guess its ‘our’ way as a car community to do that by way of a gathering.

“Thanks to some amazing help from Dom Green and the IOW Police as a whole have managed to secure us sanctioned use of Tesco’s once it closes on the 9th of February.

“The BBC will be there filming the event so you’ll need to get the micro fibers out and make sure your ride is faultless and it wouldn’t hurt to be repping the ‘M’ badge on your car.

“If you’ve not managed to get a sticker in time for the event look for M’s ST or my Mustang and I’ll make sure we have some to hand and there will be some special ones there too if you’re willing to make a donation in one of the Brainy Bunch charity boxes.

“Police will be attending because of the numbers expected and to help keep things civilised so we don’t alienate the hospitality of Tesco. This will also mean entering and leaving the event will need to be calm and safe and that -NO- litter gets left behind.

“There will be fireworks thanks to the legends at Hunts fruit and veg but they will be getting launched away from Tesco to keep you guys and the petrol station safe.

“Because of ongoing investigations, funeral plans have not yet begun but I’m hoping this will be a great way for the IOW Car Community to pull together and say goodbye in our own way.”

Find out more
Stay in touch with updates by following the Facebook event page.

The full size car window stickers of the ‘M’ angel wings and halo logo can be bought from Alpaca Wraps Signs and Graphics. For more information on the smaller stickers visit the Wight Modified Family Facebook Group.

Wednesday, 29th January, 2020 9:07am



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