Isle of Wight MP reserves judgement on Government plans to ‘overhaul outdated planning system’

Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely, says current planning system “means that sometimes the wrong houses are built in the wrong places. It is not good for either local communities or those needing housing”

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Earlier this week the Government set out plans to “overhaul outdated planning system and reform the way the country builds” while launching a consultation.

In response to the news, Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely,

“I will be looking at these proposals very carefully. 

“Whilst some planning reform may be valuable, I want to make sure that this is right for the Island.

“If it is, then we will work to get the best new rules we can. If it isn’t, I’ll be seeking to change them.”

Seely: Government targets “not fit for purpose”
The Government has set a target of almost 10,000 new homes being built on the Island in the next 15 years. Bob Seely has expressed his opposition to these targets many times over the last year. He went on to say,

“The targets we have at the moment are not fit for purpose and are inflated. The current system means that sometimes the wrong houses are built in the wrong places. It is not good for either local communities or those needing housing.

“On the Island and throughout the country, we need more local community involvement and support in the planning process, not less. We need to get rid of ‘land-banking’ and other developer ploys that undermine the planning process.”

Bob finished by saying,

“I will be working closely with local community groups on the Island to make sure we all understand how these processes may work, and how we can make them work for the Island.

“I will publicise more details about the Island Plan and housing targets next month.”

Friday, 7th August, 2020 2:10pm



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If you loosen the planning rules all you’ll get is developers building shoddy housing stock to maximise their profits.

We surely need to be responding to the green agenda, and demanding that ALL new builds are of the highest energy efficient standards, irrespective of their target market.


I agree. Let’s not rush to build a load of tat.

I’ve been watch some executives properties being built opposite me, the prefabricate roofing looks like it’s made from matchsticks the timber sections are so small, everything looks budget, with then a glossy facade.

Rupert Besley
The proposals published are rotten to the core – for the reasons summed up by Longford above and for plenty more reasons besides. The new system proposed would simply give the green light to every get-rich-quick charlatan in the vicinity to bung up what they want, where they want, how they want, without a care for how this might affect existing properties or the neighbourhood as a… Read more »

That’s the whole point of roof trusses… minimise timber use but retaining the structural stability.They look flimsy, but are very efficient in the use of timber.

They also waste a lot of space that could otherwise be used as an attic. That is why most houses on the continent have a traditional roof construction. It adds genuine value to the property rather than more cash in hand for the developer. I therefore agree wholeheartedly with Fenders and Rupert Besley. It might also be a really good idea to add another continental feature to… Read more »

Wow…I thought this was already happening with the sheer volume of approved, inappropriate planning applications granted permission in the past few years!
They all get approval for fear of being appealed against…which incurs costs against the IOW Council if overturned.


A bit of a conundrum for our Bob this one. Does he come out on the side of his loyal supporters who would rather give up their first born then ever see any houses built on the IW or will he come out in support of his Masters in Westminster to whom he perpetually brown noses?

I know what my money’s on!

Rupert Besley

Wittily put, Nitonia, but not quite fair to characterise all those opposed to these proposals as against ever seeing any house built on the IOW.

Rupert Besley

PS One of the strongest arguments against the proposed changes is the scrapping of Section 106 agreements and with that what is widely seen as an end to the provision of affordable/social housing. A property developers’ charter that could kill off affordable housing is how the Observer today describes the Tory planning ‘reforms’.


Point taken and thoroughly agreed with Rupert. The removal of Section 106 is a very dangerous thing and would have disastrous consequences for those not on, or on the lower rungs of the housing ladder.


and there was me thinking it would be a race to the bottom, but the bottom doesn’t even feature in their thinking.


There is no bottom, just a bottomless pit…


I absolutely love this: Seely issues a statement to say he has not yet up his mind. It’s like waiting for Solomon to judge. The electorate wait on edge while the great Seely pontificates. Wonderful stuff.


He’s sitting on the fence, with one half of his sausage on one side, and the other side of his sausage on the other side.


He is a caricature of an MP. Tries to be ‘down with the kids’ one minute Action Man Bob the next, friends to the great and good one day, a Goliath for the Island the following day. The reality is this: Bob Seely is an ex TA sergeant and ex Tory spin doctor. He is as bright as he is tall. Not very.

Angela Hewitt
Regarding section 106 agreement. They are fluff and nonsense and make a mockery of the Community. It only last for 5 years and then it expires and the developer has to reapply. However if he gets a digger in for half an hour and move a bit of soil that means the development has commenced so the 106 continues. There used to be the brilliant section 52… Read more »

It is such a shame the island can’t attract an MP of real substance, rather than a superficial career politician, who when the chips are down, simply sucks up to his political masters, who have absolutely no interest in the island, or it’s people.


To be fair Seely had a right result. As a junior officer in the Army he was on £48k and now he gets £82K. You have to wonder what level of responsibility a junior officer had and how that prepared him to be an MP. Methinks he’d be better off doing time as an intern first.