Isle of Wight MP welcomes move to outlaw microbeads

Mounting evidence of the harm plastics are doing to marine life, leads Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely, to welcome outlaw of products containing microbeads.


This in from the office of Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely. Ed

A ban on microbeads is likely by next summer after the Government started the process in Parliament of outlawing the products in a move welcomed Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely.

The regulation will outlaw microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products in England – stopping billions of the tiny pieces of plastic washing down the drain every year.

Bob said,

“Plastic in our seas is a major global issue with some research suggesting there will be more tonnes of this waste in the oceans than there are fish in just a few decades.

“This proposed ban – now on its way through Parliament – is part of a package of measures by the Government to crackdown on plastics that harm the environment and it’s also exploring how we can reduce the impact of plastic bottles and further turn the tide on marine litter.”

Plastics harm marine life
There is mounting evidence of the harm plastics are doing to marine life with many species now having the material in their bodies.

One in three fish caught in the English Channel contains pieces of plastic.

Manufacture could be banned by January
If passed, the law will lead to banning the manufacture of products containing microbeads by January, while a ban on their sale will come into effect in July.

The government has asked a specialist committee to review evidence on the use of microplastics in a range of products, and their chances of reaching the seas. It is also commissioning further research to better understand the impact of microplastics in the marine environment.

Review of damage by single-use plastics
Next, ministers will look at environmentally damaging single-use plastics, like bottles, with a call for evidence on taxing and charging to help prevent pollution.

This work forms a major part of the Government’s 25-year Environment Plan.

Bob said,

“The Government has been very much at the forefront of this issue and has already helped by introducing the 5p charge for plastic bags which has drastically reduced the number distributed.

“This charge has seen nine billion fewer carrier bags being used since it was introduced in 2015 – a reduction of 83 percent while £95 million has been donated to environmental, educational, and other good causes.”

Use of Statutory Instrument
The ban was laid before parliament using a Statutory Instrument called ‘The Environmental Protection (Microbeads) (England) Regulations 2017’.

Statutory instruments or SIs are a form of legislation which allow the provisions of an Act of Parliament to be subsequently brought into force or altered without Parliament having to pass a new Act. They are often referred to as secondary legislation.

Image: University of Exeter under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 6th December, 2017 1:46pm



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Email updates?
Steve Goodman
Dear Bob – now that you and your colleagues are starting to catch up with what’s been said for so long about our increasingly obvious and urgent environmental damage, perhaps you could also take another look at things like the folly of the fracking you remain keen to promote on behalf of your filthy friends. Co-incidentally, this Sunday evening the BBC and Sir David are going to… Read more »

Another bandwagon, another soundbite. Has the man got NOTHING useful to do?


Soundbite Bob strikes again.

Bandwagon or not, shouldn’t we ask Mr Seely to actively do something about it before a possible ban is decided on? It would be incredibly useful if we, the public, were supplied with a comprehensive list of all products that contain microbeads. (I am certain that Mr Seely could promote this in Parliament.) It would enable all of us to avoid those products straight away. It would… Read more »

Must we have every soundbite issued by ‘Island’ Bob reported? He’s as bad as ‘Not Mine’ Vix!

Slight hijack – PTEC – Did we ever get the million quid back?

Sally Perry

We strive to cater for everyone, hence running some of Bob’s releases (not all of them).

Re PTEC, the £1m is unlikely to ever be returned, details here:


Well said Sally, personal choice springs to mind, nobody is forcing anyone to read the posts are they?