Isle of Wight rubbish collection days are changing over Christmas and New Year: Here are the details

Don’t get mixed up over when your rubbish will be collected over Christmas and New Year – OnTheWight has the changes right here

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Christmas means changes in recycling and waste collections – but it doesn’t have to mean throwing more stuff away.

Recycling, waste and garden subscription collections are changing for two weeks over Christmas.

Change to collection dates
Between Monday 23rd December and Saturday 4th January, many households will have their bins collected on a different day than normal.

Most people will have collections on different days for a two-week period, although those collected on a Monday or Tuesday will only have one week of change. In addition, no bulky waste collections will be made between 23rd December and 5th January.

Collections will be back to normal from Monday 6th January 2020.

Usually collectedNew date
Mon 23rdSat 21st
Tues 24thMon 23rd
Wed 25thTues 24th
Thurs 26thFri 27th
Fri 27thSat 28th
Mon 30thUnchanged
Tues 31stUnchanged
Wed 1st JanThurs 2nd
Thurs 2nd Fri 3rd
Fri 3rdSat 4th

Make sure you recycle
Many households generate extra waste over Christmas including things like cardboard and cards, tins, glass bottles and clothing. Most can easily be recycled and do not need to end up in the general waste bin or gull sack. See the full A-Z list on the iWight Website.

Natasha Dix, the Isle of Wight Council’s waste and environment manager said:

“The Christmas period can mean more waste – but like the rest of the year we can still recycle most of it if we all put it in the right bins.

You might not be sure where to put some of the seasonal things – maybe wrapping paper or bubble wrap – so check the council website for the definitive list.

“Get your waste sorted and we can maintain the Island’s position as one of the leading counties for recycling across England – even at Christmas.”

Wrapping paper
Bubble wrap goes in the black bin or sack. Wrapping paper – if it is made of paper and not plastic – goes in the paper/card insert or sack.

Natasha Dix, the Isle of Wight Council’s waste and environment manager says:

“If you scrunch wrapping paper and it stays scrunched, recycle it. If it pings back out and goes smooth, it goes in the black bag.

“Check the labels before you buy and most will say whether your wrapping paper can be recycled, so if you’re buying it now, keep an eye out for the more recyclable types.”

Print out and stick on your fridge

News shared by Isle of Wight council. Ed

Image: forayinto35mm under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 6th December, 2019 5:12pm



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Anything with glitter on (cards, paper, etc) has to go in general waste…

Benny C
Can someone pop round to quant old Ian Wards place and help him. He probably won’t have read this. He doesn’t read so much these days, as he has admitted recently. If he isn’t reading Council Committee papers or the performance stats for Island Roads when asked for them by the Scrutiny Committee, he’s hardly likely to have a clue about the bin in his back yard.