Isle of Wight Stop the Cuts Alliance Ramps Up

Several days of action planned for cuts campaign

A series of protests and campaign actions are planned to take place over the coming weeks, as the council cuts decision date approaches.

Isle of Wight Stop the Cuts Alliance Ramps UpThe Isle of Wight Stop the Cuts Alliance tell us that they’re set to ramp up their public actions.

Following last week’s ‘Book Out’ at Newport library, tomorrow sees a public rally and lobby at East Cowes Town Hall take place from 10.3010.00am.

This coincides with the public meeting with the Town Council.

Monday 31 January
‘Phone a councillor day’ on Monday 31 January will see residents ring the bells at County Hall when they call to make appointments to meet with their local councillors. The Alliance urges Islanders to vent their feelings in response to the publication of the ruling group’s cuts budget.

Tuesday 8 February
The action comes to the door of County Hall on Tuesday 8 February at 5pm with a rally and lobby to greet the council members when they arrive for their Cabinet budget meeting.

Saturday 19 February
There is also a march and rally planned through Newport set to start at 11am on Saturday 19 February – meetings with the police have already taken place and the route agreed.

Wednesday 23 February
A further mass rally at County Hall is planned for Wednesday 23 February to coincide with the full council meeting at which the axe is finally set to fall.

Tanja Rebel, chair of the Alliance, said, “We want people to get involved; the ‘book out’ was a great success, the lobbies of local town council meetings have been well supported – we now need not only to keep the pressure on, but step it up. We are proud of our excellent public services and want to defend them – it would be a tragedy if they are lost.”

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Sadly the cabinet will be sure to arrive before the rallies at county hall. Occam saw scoccia & brown scuttle in at 4pm a full two hours early to avoid the last demonstration.

The good news is that they may miss the confrontation but they will feel the pressure in other ways, hopefully through the ballot box. If only there were elections next week.

Whilst in Newport for a couple of hours yesterday, I thought that I would do a bit of market research. I approched about 40 people in and around the bus station and asked opinion on the cuts by the council…2/3 of the people questioned had no knoweledge of what I was talking about, 2/3 didn’t read the CP or listen to IOW Radio. Of the 1/3 that… Read more »
Karen Gentleman

I agree. If you haven’t already, do join the IW Stop the Cuts Alliance facebook group at or go to the website, if you want to keep up with the news on local cuts and to find out what you can do to help.


“most agreed that they were essential (the cuts) …..the message is just not getting out there”

Or maybe it is, and people just have a different view to you? Perhaps a good proportion of people think there should be big cuts in the public sector?


The national media is full of Central Gov plans for local government. Nobody who actually cares about this Island can be unaware of what is going on.

I think this says more about the target group of people that No.5 asked.

Haulage Bob

People travelling by bus are likely to be a poor sample group?

Don Smith

No %,

IoW Apathy – That’s why AT has a 10,000 majority.
It should be made compulsary to register to vote.


Please feel free to help us hand out leaflets, the more help the better.


OK, it’s time for a reality check.

The boom years are over. The public sector growth was wrong. It should have been the private sector which grew. The deficit was ballooning. Something has got to give…


That’s the big problem with reducing the size of the public sector, of course. Ideally, we would reduce it, but if people have no way to survive without it, what do they do?


No, that’s the point. It isn’t a matter of ideally anything. Something’s GOT to give…


It’s brilliant, of course, but what happens to those that go from having very little to absolutely nothing at all?


Well I’m very glad that you can afford the private sector, most people in this country can’t and the numbers are rising.


The last Coucil to defy Central Government in not setting a balanced budget was that of Liverpool under the rule of Derek Hatton. Mr. H and his chums were well fingered by Neil Kinnock.

I would like to take the no cuts people seriously but in my view unless you are able to persuade George Osborne and Co to change their minds some cuts are sadly inevitable.

And a District Council in Derbyshire saw such Councillors sent to jail and/or personally surcharged for letting what was ajudged to be their far left political views get in the way of their legal duty. Trouble is of course that as bad as it is this year, next year will be even worse with another at least £8m less from the Coalition Government’s coffers unless we can… Read more »
Paul Miller

“I’m joining Tanja’s Rebel Alliance too”


Brilliant Mr. Miller we look forward to seeing you

Dave Q
I was disaapointed at the size of the “Rally” outside of East Cowes Town Hall, however, the Town Council meeting that followed was well attended and our two IW Coucil members Edward Giles and Margaret Webster were left in no doubt what the several hundred of their electors who tturned up wanted- they are bouth in very serious danger of loosing their seats at the next election.… Read more »
allan marsh

i don’t know about less toilets in East Cowes we need more ,one down near the floating bridge as people are going to be waiting a lot longer to get across to the one on the other side

allan marsh

as i am fed up with people useing bridge road and my back garden as public loos

phil crispin
Transport, toilets,refuse collection, roads,law & order, libraries and tourism are what our forebears and ourselves have paid council tax for, all our lives. To build a community worthy to be called part of the developed world. Our basic human rights. The cuts must come from the top. The council is grossly top heavy with beaurocracy. Jobs for the boys in their ivory towers. We the people own… Read more »