Isle of Wight ‘Stop The War’ committee to be formed

A new Stop The War committee to promote peace on the Isle of Wight and beyond will be formed following a vote by campaigners at last night’s gathering in Newport. First meeting to discuss more later this month.

dont bomb syria

Vix Lowthion shares this update after last night’s protest in St Thomas’s Square, Newport. Ed

Local Campaigners who met in Newport last night (Monday) have resolved to establish a new Stop The War committee to promote peace on the Isle of Wight and beyond.

The peaceful gathering chanted ‘No War in Our Name’ and called for the end of UK government bombing in Syria. Speeches were welcomed by the crowd from those who condemned the use of all chemical weapons in warfare but believe that bombing is not the answer to ending conflict.

The will of the people
Ken Knapman of Ventnor spoke for many when he delivered a keynote speech. He said,

“Decision making must not lie with the Prime Minister or Cabinet – but with the will of the people, where our consciences are expressed. Disputes should be resolved by other means rather than war.”

Stop the war vote

‘Don’t Bomb Syria’
Banners were raised by the crowd including ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’ and a number of those present took to the microphone to condemn the government’s actions, including Mark Chiverton (Labour), Vix Lowthion (Green) and those moved on the evening to take to the platform.

Stop The War committee
People interested in the establishment of a Stop The War committee on the Isle of Wight are welcome to attend the first meeting on Wednesday 25th April, 7.30pm at Quay Arts Cafe.

Tuesday, 17th April, 2018 4:17pm



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Email updates?

Come on snowflakes. This is the way of the world. Get used to it. Waving placards and talking is going to do nothing.

Mark L Francis

In Iraq & Afghanistan we were responsible for the psychopathic governments whom we had supported. But not Syria. Why do new have to bomb stuff and what difference will it make? Is it because we are an important Imperial Power? (I shall write a strong letter to my local MP, Lord Palmerston about this.)


I’m sorry but this man should not be allowed to get away with using chemical weapons !

iain mckie

How can the UK use depleted uranium shells and attack Syria for their alleged use of chemical weapons. This does not seen consistent to me (same as UK/US/France etc are allowed nuclear weapons but North Korea isn’t).

Vix Lowthion
Completely agree with you – no one should ‘get away’ with using devastating chemical weapons. Or the bombing and shooting of 400,000 Syrians killed in the war so far. All are horrific. But the conflict in Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement teaches us that conflict doesn’t end with continuous military escalation. We need to enforce strict sanctions on Russia and allies. We need to help… Read more »
Vix, I fear your ideas of diplomacy, sanctions and stopping arms sales have not and cannot make a difference here. Northern Ireland worked because underlying it, people on some level respected each other and wanted peace. Assad wants the complete eradication of his enemies by any means, indeed by the most terrible means. It’s a tiny minority who take joy in firing missiles, but there is an… Read more »
The usual ineffective extremely small bunch of badly written placard wavers strikes again, next time you need a placard made, contract it out to a primary school they could present it much better. Almost looks like the banner was written in the back of a car on the way to the event! I’m sure Vix wouldn’t accept sloppy presentation from her pupils! If you want to be… Read more »
Rupert Besley
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t disagree with you more. If you really want to start picking holes in other people’s modes of communication (and start chucking in gratuitous insults on the lines of sub-primary-school levels of attainment), then the grammar and punctuation of your first sentence give plenty to get to work on. Assuming your criticism is based on the 3 placards shown in the top photo,… Read more »

Probably the sub-standard education I received starting at middle school on the Island!

Rupert Besley

Ha ha! Touché.


Though I disagree with those who oppose the recent missile strikes, it has felt at least like mature debate. I fear another Stop The War group will end up being a shouty annoyance who aren’t engaging in debate. And like CND before them, a vehicle for entryism and hard left agitators to attempt to subvert civic dialogue.


good to read that a committee is to be formed to “promote peace on the Isle of wight” – not the intended meaning I’m sure but it would be good.


Left this site and thread to go to Newport. Just got back to this topic and there seems to be a thread missing regarding this topic. Has anything been removed?

Sally Perry

No comments have been removed (apart from the duplicate of the one above you posted a couple of hours later)

I wonder what the group would do if a chemical attack occurred on the Island ? I’d lay money they’d be the first to ask why weren’t we protected…..and what is anyone going to do about it. I guess no-one likes war ( except soldiers), but this isn’t war…. it’s a calling card to say ‘guess what will happen if you do it again’…. Let’s hope those… Read more »