Isle of Wight to ‘responsibly open up its visitor and hospitality sector’, says MP

The Isle of Wight MP welcomes the return of the Red Jet service, adding that, “it’s a step forward in returning slowly to normal”

Shanklin beach

In response to the news that Red Funnel‘s high speed Red Jets will be returning to service next week, Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, says that it’s a step forward in returning slowly to normal

Mr Seely said, 

“I am pleased that the Red Jet service is resuming next week, albeit on a limited service.

“I know there are many commuters who will welcome the return of the service. It’s a step forward in returning slowly to normal.”

The “Island will responsibly open up”
He went on to add,

“From early July, the Island will responsibly open up its visitor and hospitality sector.

“This needs to be handled sensitively, but it is important for many thousands of people on the Island whose livelihoods rely on the visitor or hospitality economies.” 

Image: photoverulam under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 23rd June, 2020 10:53am



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7 Comments on "Isle of Wight to ‘responsibly open up its visitor and hospitality sector’, says MP"

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If you define normal as meeting your mates for a boozy barbeque in their second home it has been quite normal for many people for a while now.

Sorry but I thought that the Tourists were already here in large numbers. Many of us in Ventnor have certainly seen an increase in groups of people walking around and even parking big American style Camper-vans overnight on the Downs. The biggest hint though are the large number of vehicles with boarding cards hanging from the mirror! I understand that certain businesses need and want Tourists, and… Read more »

Better get down to the supermarket quick, before a bbq sausage shortage hits the island!


It is sad that people post silly comments about a serious subject.
Many Islanders will I am sure be worried about the return if tourists, meanwhile many islanders depend on the income from tourism. I just hope that the right balance can be found between the two.


Thanks for setting us all straight about your sadness, Karen!

Angela Hewitt

Sometimes, a sense of humor helps. I love to read the “Silly Comments” as wellsm puts it.


It’s okay folks, we’ve got a world-beating track and trace system and, anyway, when did the tory party ever let a few stiffs get in the way of profits.