Isle of Wight wins hearts and minds again and again in the holiday polls

Although not currently allowed to travel here, a recent poll confirms the Isle of Wight is firmly in the hearts and minds of people

Freshwater Bay

Although not currently allowed to travel here, the Isle of Wight is firmly in the hearts and minds of people, as recent polls confirm.

Shanklin Beach as been voted as one of the top 20 beaches in the UK, following a survey by WWF-UK and Sky Ocean Rescue.

The beach on the east coast of the Isle of Wight is popular with local residents and with visitors.

Beston: Shanklin really is a beautiful place to live and visit
Sally Beston, chairman of Shanklin Hotel and Accommodation Association said,

“I am delighted to read that Shanklin Beach has been voted in the top 20 of the UK’s best beaches.

“Shanklin really is a beautiful place to live and visit. My members will be delighted to welcome visitors when the time is right.”

Shanklin beach © Visit Isle of Wight

Top 30 for Freshwater Bay
When it comes to stunning vistas, picturesque Freshwater Bay reached the top 30 of the UK’s most beautiful views according to a separate poll by railway company LNER.

Historically, Freshwater Bay has always been a favourite and was home to the Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron at Dimbola and the Poet Laureate of the time, Alfred, Lord Tennyson at Farringford House.

Both properties are popular destinations for Islanders and visitors alike and look forward to welcoming all when the time is right, and it is safe to do so.

It follows the news that the Isle of Wight was named sixth in a poll of popular UK destinations by global travel firm Big 7 Travel.

News shared by Simon on behalf of Visit Isle of Wight. Ed

Images: © Visit Isle of Wight

Monday, 22nd February, 2021 8:58am



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Call me old fashioned but I found what Kerry said about not caring If people died offensive.


I have to agree. I think she (if it is indeed a she) is almost certainly a troll looking to stir things up. Whoever it is needs to get a life as they say.


As literate readers will know, the vaccine takes two doses to work fully, which most of us Islanders have not yet had. Sadly, it has arrived too late for some of my friends and family who have died from the Coronavirus, and I will not be going anywhere until I am fully vaccinated.


Now we are all vaccinated we needed to go on a major drive to prompt the IW and attract as many holiday makers as possible.


But we won’t all be vaccinated.


Who cares if a few more islanders die, we need to revive our hospitality and tourism industry.

I you are worried, then move somewhere else.




Well let’s hope they are members of your family then!


Boris seems to care….no Hotels, Holiday parks or B+Bs till April.
Such a callous remark to make with so many having died in the past year!