IWC issues nine Delegated Decision notices in a single day

An amazing number of delegated decisions are being made at the council this week


Just as the snow fell to cover the Isle of Wight yesterday, so did the Delegated Decision notices issued by the Isle of Wight council.

No fewer than nine were issued by the council yesterday (see below). When the norm is around one or two a week, that’s an unusually-high concentration for a single day.

Delegated Decision notices are a mechanism which enable decisions can be made by councilors or council officer without public debate.

List of yesterday’s Delegated Decision notices

  • A Strategic Framework For The Island’s Heritage (View)
  • Funded Nursing Care Section 75, 2012 – 2014 (View)
  • To Consider The Adoption Of The Isle Of Wight Council (Designated Loading Bays) Order No 3 2012 (View)
  • Objections To The Isle Of Wight Council (Various Streets, Ryde) (Traffic Regulation) Order No 1 2012 (View)
  • Integrated Transport / Local Sustainable Transport Fund Capital Programme 2013 / 2014 (View)
  • Introduction of a Local Authority Mortgage Scheme/ First Time Buyer Fund (View)
  • Local Assistance Scheme For People In Severe Financial Need (View)
  • Disposal of Cowes Youth Centre and Adjacent Land (View)
  • Proposed Sale Of The Former West Wight Middle School, Queens Road, Freshwater, Isle Of Wight – Approval Of Financial Offer (View)

Image: Mr Bill under CC BY 2.0

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Tuesday, 12th March, 2013 2:34pm



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  1. To the tune of the classic from Kings of Leon.

    “Whhhooooaaa, this Isle is on fire….”

  2. Black Dog

    12.Mar.2013 3:35pm

    Why the rush? Are they clearing the decks and maximizing their return?

    The Conservatives under the Boy Blunder and the George-father are acting like the National Labour Party – Sell off everything so when the new regime takes over they too will be left a note saying “GOOD LOCK THERE IS NOTHING LEFT”

    Let me remind Brown, Pugh, Beynon, Love and others that there will ba a root and branch forensic examination of their actions and that will lead to legal remedies.

    It is a shame that the Conservatives do not recognize the damage being done and the fact that membership numbers since the Boy Blunders efforts are down to below 600 apparently!

    • Totally undemocratic. These should be publicly debated. One example is the “integrated” transport system, this is not an integrated transport system at all. This doesn’t cover ferries, trains or buses. It is bogus.They are misusing funds and leaving a further monkey on people’s backs with PFI and projects that will not only hinder the public purse in future but pass resources over to the private sector.

      • Another thing that should be debated is the Cowes Youth Centre. The sale plans are elitist and the closure of the youth centre at a time of unemployment amongst youth is a wrong decision.If there is insufficient training, insufficient jobs for the majority Youth should at least have somewhere to go. It can only be seen as an attack by the Isle of Wight Council on the youth.These places will have to be funded and built all over again in the future as the consequences unravel. Shortsighted and wasteful!!!

        • downwind resident

          13.Mar.2013 8:22am

          Perhaps the IW Council are planning to relocate IYWAC upstream at Medina Wharf with their new friends Eurovia.

          What better place than an asphalt plant as a host site for local boys and girls? This would enable the cynical politicians to fulfil the NPPF ‘Sustainable Development’ box they’ve been trying to ‘tick’ for the last twelve months!

  3. Is it not strange that it not one of those Delegated Decision makers currently appears on the Conservative website as a candidate in the upcoming election? One wonders why?

  4. Mat,
    Sale plans are pre-planned,opportunistic,land-grabbing,money-making sham – not elitist. You are too kind. Check out patrons and trustees of UKSA and join up the dots?

  5. Island Monkey

    12.Mar.2013 6:40pm

    Shocking. Why the rush? I wonder if the shredders are in at County Hall too?

    • Anyone tempted to shred potentially legally embarrassing documents should be aware that it is a criminal offence under Common Law known as “peverting the course of justice” and usually carries a hefty custodial sentence if proved.

      • With holding information is also a criminal offence in respect of council information and this also carries hefty custodial and reputational damage – one the current administration need to be aware of, even if they get re-elected or not!!

  6. Camphill has plenty of room now, They could rename the landings. The Pughgate wing, PFI wing, the riverside wing, hmmn, scrub that, I don’t think they would they have enough room.

    • Tidy Turner

      13.Mar.2013 1:58pm

      A private member’s Bill for Andrew Turner to raise for debate in Parliament.

      A Property Rights (Restriction) Bill.

      A new Bill must be tabled in Parliament restricting Private Property Rights.

      All Real property and Real Estate deemed to be in the interest of the Public should pass to the Public or remain in the ownership of the Public. Any domestic dwelling, built on public land inapproptiately passed over to the private sector, of average value (Specified) owned and used as the sole habitat of a family or individual can receive adequate compensation otherwise expropriation can proceed without compensation. Passage and conditions of passage into the public domain can be ascertained by a local or national plebiscite or representation (Specified quorum) by the people in open public forum. All Real property and Real Estate previously owned by the Government or local Authority should be returned to Public ownership. Any property can be put on short term lease (specified) and renewed but the property ownership and control should remain in the hands of the public and utilised as they deem fit. All sovereign rights and ownership by the Crown should end and pass to the Public. Any government compulsory purchase in the interests of National Security or other emergency needs is liable to the same lease rules and the leasing must be justified and temporary unless the people decide differently by Public enquiry and finally ratified by plebiscite.

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