Did your business bank with Lloyds? You could be owed thousands of pounds

If you used to have a business bank account with Lloyds (or still do), you’ll want to read these examples of JMP recovering serious money. They have a 95% success rate.

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Over the last couple of years OnTheWight have highlighted many successes by Isle of Wight family business, JMP Partnership, who have recovered over £50 million for their clients from mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

However, it’s not just private individuals that the company – with offices in Sandown and Cowes – have worked hard for.

95% success rate
JMP Partnership has years of experience dealing with Lloyds Bank on behalf of their clients and are able to boast that over 95% of the cases they’ve taken on, result in a full refund of the premiums paid, with associated contractual interest and 8% compensatory interest.

JMP have helped many Island businesses recover tens of thousands of pounds from the Lloyds Bank who had been telling customers they weren’t entitled to a claim, when they were.

PPI by another name
So how have they helped? The products that JMP have recovered for businesses include mis-sold payments for Commercial Overdraft Repayment Insurance (CORI) and Business Loan Repayment Insurance (BLRI).

Both these products are effectively PPI by another name and the acronyms are unique to Lloyds Bank.

From ‘No you can’t claim’ to £50k refund
In the same way that some banks have frequently and incorrectly told individual customers they have no payments to claim, the same has happened to business customers.

A real world example is Mr and Mrs C from Cowes.

After being told by the bank in 2014 that they weren’t owed anything, thanks to the help of JMP Partnership, Mr and Mrs C have received refunds from Lloyds of CORI, BLRI, Accident Protection Insurance and PBS Fee totalling over £50,000.

It’s an astonishing figure that could have a life-changing effect on the couple and their business.

Outstanding positive results
Another real world example is that of Mr & Mrs N.

The couple have owned a number of small businesses on the Isle of Wight and, like Mr and Mrs C, in 2014 tried to get money back for mis-sold CORI and BLRI.

Once again, they were told they had nothing to claim. JMP were instructed to pursue the claim and initially the bank agreed to pay £6,000 back.

More than double the initial settlement
However, it didn’t end there. JMP challenged Lloyds further as they didn’t believe the amount had been properly calculated.

As well as the initial £6,000 refund, the bank agreed to pay a further £6,700.

Another successful outcome for Lloyds business customers who’d been told they were owed nothing.

Get things moving today
If you have been a business customer of Lloyds Bank it’s possible you may have been mis-sold CORI or BLRI, without even knowing about it.

So why not instruct JMP to find out on your behalf? They know exactly what to say and when, and their 11 years of experience enables them to unpick any possible complexities.

Contact JMP
There are several ways to contact them:

Fill out the contact form for business customers on the JMP Website.

Website: www.jmppartnership.com
Facebook: JMP Partnership (IW) Ltd
Sandown Office: 97-99 High Street, Sandown PO36 8AJ
Phone: 01983 403390
Cowes Office: 94 High Street, Cowes PO31 7AW
Phone: 01983 280100
Email: newclients@jmppartnership.com

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Image: Money Bright under CC BY 2.0

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