JMP Partnership could help you recover thousands of pounds you didn’t know you were owed

Join others (including Islanders) who have been paid out over £40m by JMP’s PPI recoveries. There’s zero risk and zero work for you to do – JMP don’t even get to see your bank balance. Don’t forget, the reason this money is claimable is because the banks were at fault.

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Many of us will know people who’ve had financial worries so great, it’s resulted in stress, ill health or worse, even suicide.

There is a small, family-owned business on the Isle of Wight who could help you recover tens of thousands of pounds that you didn’t even know you were owed.

£40m recovered for clients
JMP Partnership, which employs 20 members of staff – including family members – across their Sandown and Cowes offices has recovered a staggering £40 million for their clients in the last 15 years.

Before you think, “Urgh is this like those annoying PIP calls I keep getting to my home phone or mobile?”, be assured JMP Partnership NEVER make unsolicited (cold) calls or send any unwanted text messages.

Get the ball rolling
To find out whether you might be owed any money, it’s unbelievably easy to get started.

All you have to do is sign a document and let JMP know which banks you’ve had accounts with over the years (they don’t even need account numbers).

They do the digging for you
Many people aren’t even aware they were sold PPI.

JMP can find that out for you and whether you’re owed any money from mis-sold PPIs or unnecessary bank charges.

Privacy is paramount at JMP
Privacy is paramount at JMP, so you can be assured they won’t have access to your bank balances or even your credit history.

As JMP work on a no-win-no-fee basis, with nothing to pay upfront, you literally have nothing to lose.

‘Life changing amounts of money’
Since Jon Platt began working from an office at his home in 2002, the company has won back an incredible £40 million in mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance and bank charges.

These have been ‘life changing amounts of money’ for many of his clients, some of whom were on the brink of bankruptcy.

Anyone facing repossession, credit card or bank debts is welcome to phone or make an appointment to visit either of the JMP offices.

Understanding different types of PPI
PPI comes in many guises, it was designed to cover you against redundancy, accident or sickness. It was sold with mortgages, credit cards, store cards and loans. JMP is happy to receive phone calls from anyone who thinks they may have this cover but is unsure. Late payment fees which are often charged on store cards, can also be reclaimed.

Jon says that many people do not attempt to claim back insurances because they do not want to sour their relationship with their bank.

Often the insurance was underwritten by a separate company so your bank will not be aware that you have reclaimed it.

No win, no fee
JMP Partnership works on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis so, if your claim does not result in a payout, you will not be charged. The company takes 25% (+VAT) of money reclaimed, so if your claim results in a £1,000 pay back, you will receive £700.

It is worth noting that most claimants receive far more than they originally paid as accrued interest is added so, if you paid £1,000 in premiums, it is not unusual to receive £3,000 back.

Act now
The deadline – set by the Financial Conduct Authority – for claiming mis-sold PPI is August 2019.

Act now to find out whether you’re owed any money. It could be life-changing!

Get in touch
If you think JMP Partnership can help you, or if you need some advice, there are several ways to contact them:

Complete the form on the JMP Website to get started.

Facebook: JMP Partnership(IW)Ltd
Sandown Office: 97-99 High Street, Sandown PO36 8AJ
Phone: 01983 403390
Cowes Office: 94 High Street, Cowes PO31 7AW
Phone: 01983 280100

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