Joe Duckworth: No.4 in Sunday Times ‘Town Hall Top Earners’

Blimey, that’s a lotta dosh

Many thanks to VB reader Darran Gange, who got in touch when he spotted former chief executive of IOW Council Joe Duckworth in the papers again.

Joe Duckworth: No.4 in Sunday Times 'Town Hall Top Earners' As VB readers will know, Joe Duckworth left the Island in 2008 for Newham council where he was welcomed with a £240,000 annual salary, before leaving last month amidst a storm of controversy.

On a salary like that it was little wonder that he made it into the Sunday Times ‘The 100 Club’ feature on ‘Town Hall Top Earners’ earning over £200,000, of which there are currently 30 people.

They report that by the time he left the London council, Duckworth was earning £281,085 a year, putting him at number four in the list.

Wandsworth top of the pile
He’s got a lot of catching up to do before he reaches number one though.

That position is held by Gerald Jones from Wandsworth council, who earned a staggering £356,891 in the last year!

There was a time when Wandsworth residents enjoyed zero council tax. Long gone are those days and it’s no surprise given their chief exe’s salary.

Joe Duckworth: No.4 in Sunday Times 'Town Hall Top Earners'

Tuesday, 17th August, 2010 9:10am



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Is that really what they earn, when our nurses and ambulance people and firemen and all the really life saving services earn so much less,i cant beleive it , i never knew that .


They say you can only fool all of the people for some of the time – perhaps that’s why he moves on so regularly?

Rubber Bullett

He must be amazing at interviews. Doesn’t quite seem to impress after they actually take him on thou?