Third Isle of Wight prospective parliamentary candidate throws hat into the ring

An Isle of Wight councillor has thrown their hat into the wing for the 2017 general election saying they didn’t hesitate as soon as the election was announced.

julie jones evans

Newport Central councillor, Cllr Julie Jones-Evans, has thrown her hat into the ring as a prospective parliamentary candidate in the 2017 general election.

“Overwhelmed by the support”
Julie told OnTheWight,

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the support that people have shown me and by all the offers of help, since I announced my intention to stand as an Independent candidate in the snap election. I may be seen as the outsider, however I believe I am a credible candidate with a wealth of experience in local government, business and the Island is the place I grew up and love.

“Representing the Island at a national level has something that I have thought about over the years.

“When the General Election announcement was made by Theresa May, I didn’t hesitate to throw my hat in the ring, sometimes in life you have to jump in feet first, it feels like the right thing to do, it’s my calling.”

Rescinded Conservative roots
Julie was elected as a Conservative councillor for Newport Central in 2009 and again in 2013, but walked away from the Conservative Party in January 2015.

However, she was appointed as Executive member for Regeneration by Conservative leader, Cllr Dave Stewart in January 2017.

She has been a Newport Parish Councillor since 2008, as well as Chairman between 2014-16.

Julie has been the Chairman IW Federation of Small Businesses since 2014 and the founder of Newport Business Association of which she is Vice Chairman.

In 2016 she was announced Networker of the Year in the Isle of Wight Venus Awards.

Other candidates
Since the snap general election was announced on Tuesday afternoon, Cllr Ian Ward, Chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association, has said they “are united in supporting our well-respected Member of Parliament, Andrew Turner to carry the Conservative flag for us again on 8th June”.

Isle of Wight Green Party members had already already chosen their candidate, Vix Lowthion four months ago in preparation for such an announcement.

LibDems, Labour and UKIP say they are considering candidates and will update once they have news.

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Thursday, 20th April, 2017 1:49pm



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23 Comments on "Third Isle of Wight prospective parliamentary candidate throws hat into the ring"

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Email updates?
steve stubbings

So, two Tories to choose from this time around.


Excellent, they will split their own vote!

Geoff Lumley
As ‘overwhelmed’ as all the previous egoists who have stood as independents in the past. And lets not forget she leapt into bed with the Tories and Ukip at County Hall as soon as she had a sniff of status, despite ‘leaving’ the Tories 2 years previously. Another lost deposit then. Will she even hold onto her Council seat on May 4th? Word is that she is… Read more »
retired hack

Any idea how her Tory opponent, if elected, would divide his time between Newport and his seat on Portsmouth City Council, where he is due to serve for another year?


Which Tory opponent? Nobody I recognise on Pmth City Cncl ward list?


Steve Hastings – who is also a current Councillor in the Portsmouth City Council for the Baffins ward.

His wife is also standing in the Newport East ward against Geoff.


So a three-way split on the right-wing vote (Turner, Jones-Evans and whoever the Kippers get to stand) and a three way split on the left wing (Lowthion, and whoever the Lib-Dems and Labour put forward).


‘Independent’ is that what you call someone who leaves the Conservatives then sits with them in the council chamber? Then proceeds to vote and support the Conservatives? You’re having a laugh Julia. Do you think voters are stupid? By some miracle you do get elected can we afford another by-election? Be honest with the voters and explain to us why you’ve been supporting the Tories.

retired hack

Julie, not Julia. Julia’s someone else entirely – a proper independent.

Julie is a credible choice as an independent voice for islanders! If elected as an independent MP she will be free to truly represent island interests and not tow the party line – answerable only to her constituents. She has real island experience in local politics, small business and community issues. This is a brave and laudable move, voting for Julie will be a way of changing… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

She would toe the Tory line as she has always done since first being elected to County hall in 2009


Good luck to her. I personally won’t vote independent because I can’t see how effective they can be in Westminster. But good on her for stepping up.


Tracy – ‘truly represent island interests and not tow the party line – answerable only to her constituents’. Really? She voted with the Tories and was part of their little block. That makes her a Tory.


And she turned her back on party politics by resigning from the Conservatives – she has the benefit of experience and undoubtedly learnt lessons which is why she is now independent. 😊 #JJEMP17

steve stubbings

The point is, Tracy, she didn’t ‘turn her back’ on them. She voted with them consistently ever since the time she resigned from the Tories. Then she took the reward of an executive portfolio in their ‘cross party’ administration (as did others in her grubby little cohort). She’s no more an ‘Independent’ than… Geoff Lumley.

Geoff Lumley

She is the diametric opposite of me. Just like Turner, the other Tories, Ukip and some LibDems

Luisa Hillard

I’m pleased to see another woman standing and Julie is indeed very capable.

I’d feel safer in her hands than Andrew Turner’s.

If I had to pick a Conservative.

Geoff Lumley

Is she? I have seen little evidence of it.

steve stubbings

I think Luisa is allowing her natural gender bias free reign. ;-)

steve stubbings

rein? :-/

steve stubbings

Or is that rein? :-/

retired hack
The deadline for General Election nominations is May 11th. By then Cllr JJE will know whether or not she has been re-elecled to the IWC in Newport Central ward. If she has been, she will have defeated ambitious Tory candidate Steve Hastings. I say “ambitious” because Steve apparenly intends to sit not just on the IWC but also on Portsmouth City Council, where he won a seat… Read more »

If Solent devolution came back up who would Mr Hastings be voting for the interests of Portsmouth or the Isle of Wight?