Landslide At Blackgang Beach

Dramatic photos.

Earlier this week there was a landslide at Blackgang Beach.

Landslide At BlackgangTwo slides, one about 200m further back from the other, came down, with some of the lower one ending up in the sea.

VentnorBlog reader Chris Welsford tells us that the lower one was about 30m (100ft) wide, “The photo doesn’t really portray how dramatic the slide is,” he said.

“Don’t walk on cliff edges”
A keen walker, Chris told us, “The ground along a lot of the cliffs around the south coast are still sodden with water.

“People should take care along coastal paths and not go near the cliff edge. There are areas when the cliff underneath the edge had fallen away, leaving an overhang.”

Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.

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Image: © Used with the kind permission of Chris Welsford

Friday, 14th May, 2010 10:17am



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  1. The council could introduce a bye law forbidding any further land slides.
    They wouldn’t have a great deal of success in enforcing it, but they have made one against dog fouling regardless of the fact that they don’t enforce that either.

  2. This slide first started about 3 weeks ago

  3. Bill Jackson

    15.May.2010 7:45am

    Ive just finnished the costal walk in four days with the walking festival.Glad i read this after i was walking along the cliff tops.Would it have cost so much to put some signs up or tell the walk leader???

    • intentionally blank

      15.May.2010 8:44am

      im sure the walk leader could have found out if they had contacted the relivant person. to be fair, its the leaders responsibility to ensure the route is safe to be walked.
      Also, its a VB reader saying that there may be problems with the coastal paths, not anyone in authority. Maybe there should be some warning signs ect and the authorities should have done more to ensure public safety, but just because Chris Welsford says theres a problem doesnt mean there actually is. I would assume hes reported his concerns to the council so a proper assessment can be made.

      • “just because Chris Welsford says theres a problem doesnt mean there actually is”

        I’m sure he’s just attention-seeking. After all, it can’t be real unless there’s an official notice, can it?

        The irony is that if someone has to come and scoop your muddy remains off the beach, it will probably be Chris… :-)

        • intentionally blank

          17.May.2010 4:51pm

          im not saying he doesnt have legitimate concerns. Simply that those concerns should be reported to the council so an assessment can be made. As he says below, common sense is a virtue, but so is using that common sense to approach the council and ask them to examine the cliff to ensure the clifftop pathways are safe. Im sure hes done that. Its nice to know that he has these concerns, but unless he can assess the problem and take action himself, he should report it to the council. They can then determine if any action should be taken.

          Or of course, we could all use common sense and keep away from cliff edges. Some of the comments on here, such as the walker who i originally replied to, seem to be expecting the council to babysit them. No one should deflect responsibility for their personal safty onto the council, just as anyone who has concerns about the stability of a cliff should notify the council so that a proper assessment can be made.

          Or of course we could all stop making a mountain out of a landslide, acknowlage that Chris has taken some nice photos, given some sensible advice, and hopefully has notified the council so the cliff can be stabilised if possible.

          • I’m not sure why you are pushing this point. In case you are not aware, Chris is:

            a) a member of the Isle of Wight Council
            b) the Mayor of Ventnor
            c) a coastguard

            So I’m quite sure that he will have done whatever needs to be done and any advice that he gives will be from an informed point of view. Personally I’d welcome the views of a local coastguard on the safety of local cliffs.

          • intentionally blank

            17.May.2010 7:01pm

            i was aware of all those things. the point im making is that people should be responsible for their own safety, and that anyone with concerns should report it to the relevant body so it can be assessed properly. And while the views of a coastguard may well be relevant, the views of a geologist would be better. If you read my original comment on this, I point those things out quite clearly. Chris clearly has some knowlage about it, but if he is truly concerned he should get the council to perform a proper inspection. If, as I assume, he is simply offering common sense advice then thats fine. My comments were in response to Bill Jacksons comment above, and Im simply saying if there really is a concern the council should be notified. Im not sure why people wouldnt agree with that.

  4. And you wonder why we live in a nanny state.

    • The cliff top walk is safe – this slide came from below the Undercliff level.

      • Chris Welsford

        16.May.2010 8:56am

        Blimey, it’s just common sense! The over hangs are a bit worse than they usually are because all along the cliff edge there have been smaller falls leaving the top overhanging for the time being, until it too falls away. Perfectly normal but a real bummer if you happen to tread on it and end up falling. And people do. That’s why we have a cliff rescue team.

        I never said the “path” was dangerous just that people should take care and avoid going too close to the edge. For anyone with half a brain it’s the bleeding obvious.

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