Lanesend playing field 2/3rd reduction ‘Meets Gov criteria’ say council

The council says reducing the Lanesend primary playing fields by two thirds, “meets the criteria set out by government”.

Following our report yesterday about the council’s plan to fence off the Lanesend Primary school playing field, reducing it in size by two thirds, we’ve now received a response from them.

Tape measure:We asked …
1. Why is the playing field is being reduced in size?
2. What will the 2/3rds that are been taken away from Lanesend Primary be used for?

Here’s their response:
Janet Newton, Isle of Wight Council deputy director for schools and education services said “Under the school’s capital programme, Lanesend will have a games and recreation area of 8,400 square metres which meets the criteria set out by government for a two form entry primary school.

“This area will include a 100 metre and 200 metre running track, two junior football pitches and a high jump and long jump pit. As discussed previously with the school, this area will be fenced off, as is standard for school sports sites, to make sure it is secure.

“The remaining green area at this site will remain available for recreational use by the community, including Lanesend, by prior agreement. There are no plans to sell it off as has been claimed. As always we are happy to discuss any issues the governors have should they request such a meeting.”

Image: Aussie Gall under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 22nd August, 2012 3:18pm



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Christian Beasley

Why does the council feel that it’s obligation it to meet the minimum requirement and not to provide our children with the best that is possible?


“There are no plans to sell it off” is as true as Dubya’s/Blair’s/Straw’s “There are no plans to invade Iraq”! :-))

Chris Wilmott
This reminds me of what happened at Cowes Primary, where more than two-thirds of the playing field was sold off about four years ago and has long since made a nice penny or two for some developers. Then the Council decided to close all the middle schools, distributing the children among the existing primary and secondary schools. Guess what: Cowes Primary now has far more children and… Read more »

Not wishing to be picky, but, em, didn’t this happen under a Labour government?


New Labour aka Tory-Lite! Look who is promoting private hospitals now- Cherie Blair- the other half of Hypocrisy and Greed that lived in no.10 for 11 years.


Not at all, 8000 sold under the Tories,no restrictions, 200 under Labour. Labour maintained that any land sold had to have plans for monies put back into sports development locally BEFORE it could be sold

Steve Stevens

I could see some sense in your comments until you added “they all aspire to send their kids to private schools anyway” That’s like saying no Labour supporter sends their children to public school!


Many people including me do not “aspire to send their children to public school.” as they are the relics of an English feudal and colonialist society- as frequently demonstrated by their alumni.

Island Monkey

White is black and black is white. If this is what IOW council tell you – then it MUST be true.

Cllr Pugh doesn’t strike me as the sporty type, more the one who was last to be picked for any team sport at school, so he obviously doesn’t care about the health and well being of children where PE is concerned. Anyway some very rich Tory supporters will make a killing when the land which they have NO PLANS OF SELLING is sold to a prefered bidder… Read more »
Phil Oxenham
Whether it is the Conservative or Labour Government/Council who started the sell off of school playing fields is irrelevant. The losers will be the children and the wider community and it is that which we should be focussing upon. What intrigues me is the quote from the council “The remaining green area at this site will remain available for recreational use by the community”. What recreational use… Read more »
david bunday
Gurnard will be training this saturday as they do every other saturday throughout the year , if you would like to show your support please come along at 11am , we would like to see as many chlidren adults as possible , wether gurnard players past present or future or school children of Lanes end that this affects , you will be suprised how children train on… Read more »
Rob Snow
I suggest that those responsible for making decisions regards somerton school/playing fields visits on saturday morning and explains to the youth what is propossed for their green feild. perhaps they can explain ware else would be available for them!. The community have to do their best to save this field for future generations. The Goverment likes to remind people how great GB is,this is complete contradiction and… Read more »
Yves Didier
I just completed my first year as one of the coaches for Gurnard Youth FC. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this volunteering work is turning up on Saturday or Sunday mornings and see up to 100 children practising football in a safe and fun environment, whatever the weather. It is a place where they develop into young sportsmen through the highs and the lows of… Read more »
Yves Didier

Correction – up to 150 children are users of this green field through Gurnard Youth FC.

Colin Bell
I too am struggling to see the need to fence off areas of the field, which itself is already fenced off, i.e. it is already secure. The current field supports two eleven-a-side pitches and two mini-soccer pitches – dividing the current field can only reduce the utility of the facility. During the junior football season (September to April inclusive) these pitches are in use on Saturday for… Read more »

A breach of article 6 of the human rights Legislation incorporated into English law all to do with the council having a conflict of interest Mr Turner take note


It protects the right to a public hearing before a independent and impartial Tribunal.

Dick & Harry
it seems pretty clear to me that the council is contemplating fencing off the site in order to create a secure area for the new alternative provision site next door, which might still be up in the air, but will obviously go ahead as planned. I would imagine eventually each school will get 1/3 of the site, and 1/3 will be accessible by both, and possibly by… Read more »
Everything this lot do leads to the sale of our assets, they will without doubt make it difficult for people to access the land, then say it’s not being used, then sell it off. If you really think they will keep this for the good of our community then I would love to live in your world. If you want to see how they view the need… Read more »
Dick & Harry
your kneejerk. the council have clearly stated that they have no intention of selling off this land. If that changes, then the time will come to campaign against it, but that time is not now. As for your cricket ground, is there any reason you couldnt use another cricket ground in ryde, or even one further afield? Or could you perhaps have appealed against the planning decision?… Read more »
Thanks for the insult I bet you feel very good about yourself. As for the cricket all the disabled friendly pitches were in use by other teams, we tried all avenues to put the game on and failed due to us having no home ground. We are the only Island cricket side to win a national competition and this is how we are treated by this wonderful… Read more »
Dick & Harry
what insult? you said call you kneejerk, so I did, and i happen to think yours and some other peoples reactions to this news are kneejerk reactions that should be thought through. Its always acceptable to question the council, however those questions should be well thought out and relevant. Simply saying “We dont beleive you” is not questioning the council. They have stated that they will not… Read more »

“Dick & Harry” is fond of using the word “kneejerk” in what appears to be a pejorative way.

It is worth remembering that the kneejerk reflex (patellar reflex) is useful in that it enables us to maintain posture and balance without conscious effort. So don’t diss the kneejerk! :-))

Dick & Harry

how is saying that some of these comments appear to be a kneejerk reaction pejorative in any way whatsoever?

I am really sick of people trying to be clever and funny in an attempt to discredit other peoples opinion. Its not big, its certainly not clever, infact its quite sad. Grow up, and accept the fact people may have differing opinions without being pejorative.

vanessa churchman
The new Haylands Primary has been built on part of the playing field that belonged to the old Swanmore Middle School and that site is now being sold off for development. I objected to the building of the new school on the playing field purely on the grounds of loss of valuable green open space and playing area. The new school is really wonderful and what our… Read more »
Before you comment on subjects perhaps you should find out about them. Some players use wheelchairs, Ventnor cricket ground, is totally inaccesible, all the artificial wickets are not allowed to be used, Brading refused to let us play there which only leaves 5 grounds all of which were being used. So your comment that all grounds are useable is completely incorrect, You say we deserve no special… Read more »
Dick & Harry
perhaps you should read comments before responding to them. I didnt say all grounds are accessible, i said Im astounded that not all grounds are accessible. All SHOULD be accessible by everyone. I say that the council should give you no special consideration for being disabled. Special facilities are fine, but you should get no special consideration by the planning department. Planning law is planning law. It… Read more »
Hammer jammer
The fact is that the council says it will not sell the land, I am not sure that will be the outcome eventually. Not one part of the last comment attempts to twist what you said, I was only trying to answer your point on the cricket pitches available, if you can point out where I did I will happily apologise to you. You are happy with… Read more »
Dick & Harry
well I have pointed out where you twisted my words. You claim that I said all cricket grounds are accessible when infact I said nothing of the sort. You also twisted what I said about the council giving no special consideration to imply that I thought disabled facilities should not be provided, when infact the subject was any sort of special consideration in planning law. If you… Read more »
Wayne Butt

Been with Gurnard Youth since 1986 as a Manager and Committee meber. Started off when we were in Ronsons Field that was hired out to the club since 1976 that got Sold off and continued on the same site when it became Somerton Schools extended Playing Fields. So there is a lot of History that may sadly come to an end.

Gary Mostyn
I have been with Gurnard Youth as a coach and assistant manager for a couple of seasons. It is very rewarding to see the development of children as they mature and grow in confidence, and would also encourage anyone with an interest pays us a visit on a Saturday! I have spoken with a couple of local Councillors recently and they have commented that we should be… Read more »