Large build up of sand on popular beach to be cleared next week

The sand is now covering the sea wall path and needs to be cleared


A large build-up of sand at Ryde beach is being cleared by the Isle of Wight Council from Monday (from 8am on 19th April).

Contractors will be using large plant and machinery on the beach sections between Ryde Harbour and Puckpool.

This is due to a large build-up of sand at Ryde which is affecting the surrounding areas such as the harbour beach, Eastern Gardens and the local highway.

Rowland: Sand is covering the sea wall path
Colin Rowland, council director of Neighbourhoods, said,

“We have not been able to clear the sand as regularly as we normally would due to lockdown restrictions. However, the sand levels are now quite high at Ryde and sand is covering the sea wall path so a big sand clear-up will take place whilst the beach remains relatively quiet.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and thank the public for their co-operation in avoiding the areas we are working to clear, for their own safety. We look forward to welcoming visitors and residents alike, once this popular area is again beach ready in advance of the summer season.”

The compound for the work has already been set up by the contractors and the clear up work will involve large plant machinery such as diggers and dumpers.

The work is scheduled to take up to ten days.

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, in their own words. Ed

Image: Utsman Media under CC BY 2.0

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What are they going to do with the sand they are removing? If there’s a big build-up of sand in one place along the coast, there will be a depletion elsewhere. Sometimes, one end of a beach will be temporarily high and the opposite end low. This can be caused by a significant change in wind direction for some days. When the wind direction swings back again,… Read more »

We have less sand (or possibly more shingle moved over on top of what sand there was) in Ventnor this past month.


In the past it has been redistributed along the beach so it can be enjoyed by families, holidaymakers etc.
It’s an ongoing process. Council titivates the beach, nature messes with it, council titivates, nature messes. And repeat.

Benny C
Councillor Vanessa Churchman, speaking on Radio Grimsbys Tactical Knitting programme, said ‘It’s important to stress that by re-electing me as the Council member for , err, for.., err.. an important place on the love Island of Wight, I am in possession of a shovel and a great deal of energy which I shall use to rebuild Apperley Sandcastle which is, of course, most famous for its lovely… Read more »

I’d have said it was the other way round. The Council messes with nature…


Can we have it at Shanklin please, we have lost lots over the past couple of years partly because the groynes have not been repaired.

Benny C

Town Council not doing it’s job? I’m amazed.

Rhos yr Alarch

I’m lost….I thought the problem was that the sand had vanished from this particular stretch…?

Phil Jordan
This build up of sand has been ongoing for a couple of years ( or more). It’s caused by winds and tidal drift, east to west, that happens naturally. The amount that has moved and arrived on the beach at Ryde is extraordinary and is nearing the tops of the sea walls/harbour walls ans is probably two metres too high in places. RTC have been encouraging the… Read more »
Benny C

Well Ryde is only a few miles from Cowes (I would estimate 46 miles each way for Councillors filling in their expenses) so presumably it’s highly likely this sand build up will be quoted as interrupting the chain ferry by Wednesday.

Mark L Francis

It goes to show the maintenance of the area is needed regularly as I believe the sand causing the problem is not ‘natural’ rather it’s the stuff shipped in to make the beach more attractive to holidaymakers and other beach users ?