Large rise in numbers of St Helens and Bembridge fort walkers: Photos and rescue details

RNLI estimate 4,500 people took part in the Fort Walk at the weekend, with one rescue of a father and sons.

st helens fort walk

Back in 2017, Bembridge RNLI estimated that over 2,000 people had taken part in the annual St Helens Fort Walk.

For this year’s walk, which took place at low tide on Saturday night, they estimate that around 4,500 people took part.

Deep hole in channel
As happened last year, the RNLI had to rescue walkers who had ‘fallen’ into a deep hole in the middle of the channel, this time a father and two teenage sons crossing from the St Helens side to the Bembridge side.

The crew in the Inshore Lifeboat kept a close watch on all the walkers from around 5:30pm. Thanks to the quick thinking by the crew of RNLB Norman Harvey the three walkers were ‘brought to safety’ near the end of the walk.

Bembridge RNLI watching over the fort walkers

A spokesperson for Bembridge RNLI said,

“The crew were able to reach the three casualties very quickly and were able to keep them afloat whilst they got them on board the Norman Harvey.

“Having checked them over, they then made their way towards the inner harbour entrance and handed the three casualties over to the Coastguard team who had in the meantime called for an ambulance so that they could be taken to St Mary’s Hospital to be checked over, as they had all swallowed copious amounts of sea water.”

Photos from the walk
If you missed the walk, there are details below of the next one later this month.

In the meantime click the images to see larger version and step through our small gallery.

2019 St Helens Fort Walk
2019 St Helens Fort Walk
2019 St Helens Fort Walk
2019 St Helens Fort Walk
2019 St Helens Fort Walk
2019 St Helens Fort Walk
2019 St Helens Fort Walk

Another chance to walk
If you missed the walk and would like to have a go this year, another low tide is expected on Saturday 31st August.

If you plan to attempt the Fort Walk, please make sure you read the safety information first. Check tide times nearer the end of the month.

Monday, 5th August, 2019 3:03pm



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