Latest Red Funnel ferry offer booklets missing required booking codes (Update 2)

The latest Red Funnel’s offer booklets are falling on to Isle of Wight door mats this week – but for some at least, the all-important booking codes are missing. Does yours have them?

Red Funnel offer codes are missing

Red Funnel have formed the habit of sending booklets of offer codes to households on the Isle of Wight, delivered by Royal Mail.

Very welcome they are too, enabling Islanders to make trips on the ferry at prices lower that usual rates.

Well the latest batch of them have been landing on door mats around the Island this week, but with some at least, there’s a problem.

On closer inspection
The leaflets look quite normal at first glance with their big, bright and bold colours. Only on closer inspection does it become clear that the all-important codes that you need to use when placing your order for a cross-Solent trip are missing – at least from some of them.

Looking a quick cross-section, it appears that different people have booklets with different codes missing from different pages.

Red Funnel claim that there’s been a printing issue with a small batch.

OnTheWight got in touch with the marketing head honcho at Red Funnel and he said, “we always get a few that miss the code overprint.”

Red Funnel advice
OnTheWight has had updated advice (Thursday 13th) from Red Funnel, for those who don’t have the codes:

“We are aware of a printing error with a small batch of the booklets that have been sent to Island households and apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

“We ask that any customer who has received a booklet without codes to please contact us at so that we can mail them a new booklet direct to their home address.”

Updated 13 Sept 2018: Added Red Funnel advice of using email address.

Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 5:21pm



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