Legacy of the school reorg ‘is still deeply felt’ say Trust

On the last day to share your views on future of 11+ education on the Island, The Island Innovation Trust said that another ‘reorganisation’ through any merger at would undermine the progress made at Medina and Carisbrooke Colleges.


Today (30th April) is the deadline for sharing your views on the future of 11-16 and post-16 education provision on the Isle of Wight.

The Island Innovation Trust, who are responsible for Carisbrooke and Medina Colleges as well as the VI Form (Nodehill) have shared their response with OnTheWight.

As many are aware and have heard through the public meetings, the Isle of Wight is still recovering from the 2011 school reorganisation. The lack of confidence felt within the community has been echoed by the Trust in their response.

“Another ‘reorganisation’ would undermine progress made”
A number of issues have been highlighted by the Trust in their response:

  • School leaders confirm that the legacy of the reorganisation is still deeply felt in their school amongst staff and especially in families and children who went through the heart of the change and that generation is still in our schools.
  • Another ‘reorganisation’ through any merger at this time would undermine the progress made in both Medina and Carisbrooke in improving outcomes for children and in rebuilding confidence in families, staff and the wider community including local businesses.
  • The deep affection for the institutions of Carisbrooke and Medina passionately and strongly expressed at the public consultation meetings.
  • Parents felt they were not listened to during the last consultation.

VI Form Campus a success
Moving onto the future of post-16 provision, the Trust explains how successful the VI Form campus has been.

The college is well-placed in the heart of Newport and has been successful in attracting pupils and A-Level teachers.

The Trust highlights a strategic commitment from the University of Portsmouth – an Island Innovation Trust partner – to provide “ladders of opportunity for people on the Isle of Wight and elsewhere in the region to take part in higher education”.

The University, the Trust say, is keen to explore the potential for a higher education presence with the Island Innovation Trust.

Full details of the response can be found in the document embedded below.

Have your say
If you haven’t shared your views with the council yet, there is still time. Head over to the Council’s Website.

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Perhaps someone can clarify exactly who it is has the say so at Medina and Carisbrooke.
The council have previously stated in their consultation that these are the only two senior schools over which they have control of the purse strings.

How much control do Island Innovation Trust have and how much do the council have?

Geoff Lumley

An entirely intelligent submission, which has my total support.


The difference with the Tories reorganisation is that this isn’t ideological – there simply isn’t the money nor the pupils to keep both, if people want both what do they propose to lose to pay for it?

Chris, I disagree. The document released indicates that there is a plan in place to address financial issues. A smaller school on the Carisbrooke site would be a welcome alternative for many parents; we don’t all want our children to go to massive schools with 250- 300 kids in each year group where nobody knows them! On a different note, well done to the Island Innovation Federation… Read more »
@ Chris There is money available for school building that comes from a central government source. I forget exactly where, but it is in the proposals somewhere. One of the many problems of the shambles known as the education system is there are so many disjointed organisations running the schoools and competing for pupils that there is little chance of having a cohesive approach to anything. And… Read more »
Chris Newman
Everyone is complaining that the Council are not listening to the Island community, and I agree that Hampshire is not listening at all, but then out of 17,000+ Students’ Parents only 349 completed the consultation form!! – hardly a representative of our Community, and giving Hampshire the opinion that we don’t care. So come on Guys, Make a noise outside County Hall on Wednesday at 5pm and… Read more »
Chris Newman

Oops That should have read as Closure mean…