Legal papers filed with High Court re Bembridge PC and 5/7 High St sale

The long-running dispute that’s been engulfing Bembridge for the last couple of years has now reached its next level of seriousness.

5-7 high street bembridge

The long-running dispute that’s been engulfing Bembridge for the last couple of years has now reached its next level of seriousness – the sale of 5/7 High Street.

One of the tenants of 5/7 High Street, Peter Burke, who has an office in the building, has had his solicitor file papers with the High Court, applying for permission for a Judicial Review into the council’s conduct with regard to the sale of the building.

Next stage
Mr Burke has already sent Bembridge PC (BPC) a Letter Before Action, but not being satisfied with the BPC’s lawyers’ response, has elevated it to the next stage. He told OnTheWight:

“My lawyers are still awaiting documents from BPC that were requested as part of that letter but have not yet been provided.”

BPC has 21 days to say if it will defend the action.

OnTheWight has contacted BPC, but has yet to receive a reply. When we do, we’ll update this story.

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Wednesday, 5th December, 2018 12:51pm



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This has gone on long enough. We’re told there is no money but Mr Burke, a long-term tenant, has apparently presented the highest offer as well as offering other community benefits. But the council is apparently selling to the lowest bidder. Why? And what are the real costs of repairs and improvements. How much did the local fireworks cost?
I despair!


@Highway to Hell
Point of order accepted but that doesn’t address the fact that it’s madness to sell your main revenue-earning community asset to pay through the nose for excessive and dubious repairs. And don’t forget the community hub saga!
The question remains: Why sell it at the lowest price when you have a buyer offering more with benefits?
It’s just wrong!

long in the tooth
Darcy, are you in receipt of the full facts? When did the higher offer come into the Parish Council? Did any of the bidders contact any Parish Councillors about their offer? There is word out that that one of the bidders allegedly wrote to Parish Councillors about their offer. Did any Parish Councillor declare that there was a relationship, either commercial or personal, with any of the… Read more »

Surely the PC should seek permission from the residents before embarking on the sale of such assets.

@Warrior What a good idea! No, I’m not in receipt of the full facts … whatever they are. Nor I think is anyone. There have been too many half truths, too many insults bandied about on all sides, too many destructive egos, a plethora of fake news, too much secrecy, too much bullying … it’s a mess. But I think your suggestion could work and I would… Read more »
long in the tooth
@Darcy, if you think we could get this off the ground with willing residents from both sides of the divide is it worth trying? I believe that we have 11 councillors who need support, whatever their view. We need to get the Village united and we also need a willingness that the Councillor’s will delay and work with us. No agendas just what is best for the… Read more »

Let’s see what backing there is from this thread and whether people would want to get involved. I’m on mainland this week but I’ll keep an eye on developments.

As a BPC Cllr I know the facts (although unable to talk openly about some of them). There was a considerably better offer from one of the tenants but the majority of Cllrs turned it down. 2 days later this tenant received notice that his lease wouldn’t be renewed in January despite public promises over the last year. This too was a decision of the majority group… Read more »
I do not agree with this sale and I think it should be cancelled but the PC, having voted to sell, is surely bound to take the best financial offer available otherwise it surely could be accused of not acting in the interests of the ratepayers. It seems very poor from a point of view of transparency that such a decision is taken in private. Can they… Read more »
Phil Jordan
Putting the ‘property’ issue to one side for a moment. It is as much the manner in which this council is operating that concerns many people – in addition to the decisions being taken. Holding meetings in private is probably contrary to their own ‘standing orders’ – I cannot imagine that financial decisions of this nature can be made by anyone other than the full council. I… Read more »
Highway to Hell

The Fireworks are no longer paid for by the Parish Council and have not been for a couple of years. They are funded by the Youth Centre.