Letter: A lot of upset and worry coming over new ferry rules for Islanders returning from Spain

This reader asks why the ferry companies can’t just segregate passengers returning from Spain into a special area

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This from Pam Broadhead which has been written in response to the new rules for ferry passengers returning from Spain. Ed

Why are people from Leicester and other locations that go into lockdown not being included in Wightlink and Red Funnel’s new rules about travelling if returning from Spain?

How are people to get back to the Island if they either have not known about this new rule and turn up expecting to get on as a foot passenger or they have their flight delayed?

What are passengers supposed to do?
Do they go away for the 48 hours until they can arrange transport?

Are there going  to be special rates for these people or is it the same ripoff prices as anyone else?

Why can’t the ferry companies just segregate them into a special area?

A lot of upset and worry coming
I can see a lot of upset and worry coming, not to mention the extra expense.

We should remember that the travellers went to Spain when there were no restrictions.

Image: hagengraf under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 29th July, 2020 5:47pm


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Angela Hewitt

It amazes me how many people think this pandemic is over. Why go to Spain. They have just had three months holiday on the Isle of Wight in mostly glorious sunshine. This is why there is STILL a pandemic. Vote this down as much as you like. I am not the only one who thinks the same as me.


No, Angela Hewitt is not being small-minded, she is concerned about the effect of the pandemic on everybody (more deaths, future lockdowns) — and remember, health care workers, who risk their lives more than anybody else, are NOT being tested weekly, thanks to Bob Seely and his fellow travellers. If you’re looking for a class war, the enemy is not AH and people like her.

Alternative Perspective

I believe Oxford University have developed a rapid COVID test that produces results in around 30 minutes and costs £20, it could be easily introduced at all ferry ports to the IW, with the island again becoming a test center for the rest of the UK.

It’s very small minded to think that everyone who is travelling back from Spain must have been on Holiday. What about the Haulage Drivers, Mariners, Pilots etc. all the people that have worked through all of this, just so Angela Hewit’s can have Orange Juice every morning of the “three month Holiday”. All these people are being tested weekly but have effectively been banned from the ferry’s… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

This whole situation raises the question of what was happening for the six weeks before the Spain announcement, when people returning from several countries were required to go into quarantine on return to the UK. Were these people mingling with others on the ferries as per normal as they returning to their homes on the Island…?


What I don’t understand is how these foot passenger returnees get to the ferry port from the airport in any case, they can’t travel by rail or bus, so it would have to be taxi.


Didn’t you know the ferry service only do ‘complicated’. They have a committee who ferret out simple thinking mortals like their passengers who might understand and comply with silly rules. I advise anyone returning from Spain to say nowt and wear a mask to protect themselves. After all they are more likely to catch covid in the UK rather than in the EU,


If it subsequently comes to light that they travelled as a foot passenger when they shouldn’t have, not only could they potentially have killed people, they could face a £1000 fine.


Keep your travels a secret. Nobody needs to know your comings and goings. It’s none of anyone’s business. I can’t understand how wet people are being about this. Just be sensible and carry on.


It is our business if they may be carrying a potentially fatal disease. I believe they have to fill in a form on the plane home to say that they will self-isolate.