Isle of Wight ferry passenger instructions for residents returning from Spain

The statement has been jointly issued by the Isle of Wight council, Wightlink, Red Funnel and Hovertravel. Details within


Isle of Wight ferry operators Red Funnel, Wightlink and Hovertravel have jointly issued instructions to Islanders returning from Spain, following the Government’s requirement to isolate for 14 days.

Returning quarantining persons must travel by car and notify the relevant cross-Solent operator 48 hours ahead of travel that they need to stay in car due to quarantining.

The operator will then make arrangements for them to remain in their vehicle, but may have to adjust their sailing time to make this possible depending on other traffic being carried on the car deck.

Foot passengers will need to make other arrangements
Quarantining persons who travelled out as foot passengers are asked not to use any of the three cross-Solent operators by foot in line with government guidance on them avoiding public transport.

They will need to make arrangements to travel by car with family or friends or taxi in a Covid safe way.

You may be carrying the virus without showing any symptoms
Councillor Dave Stewart, leader of the Isle of Wight Council said:

“Here on the Island everyone has worked hard to keep the number of Covid-19 cases as low as possible.

“Coronavirus regulations mean that you must self-isolate for 14 days if you arrive in the UK from a country outside the common travel area and this now includes Spain.

“You may be carrying the virus without showing any symptoms. I would ask you to please respect the safety of our Island community and to self-isolate for 14 days from your arrival.”

More info
Find out more about Travel Corridors and Covid-19 advice from the council’s Website.

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, Ed

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Benny C
This is so naive. I showed it to a mate who will be returning from Spain in the next week or so. He said he wouldn’t notify because he might be bumped off his ferry. Luckily he’s not an islander so his response doesn’t materially add risk however it highlights the real issue. So many others think like that. None of those in charge seem to have… Read more »

No boss is going to give their employee two weeks to quarantine after returning from holiday abroad, so no employee is going to admit to their boss they have been abroad, and the government doesn’t have the means, nor the inclination, to police quarantining.

The whole thing is yet another shambolic Tory farce that has been the hallmark of this government right through the pandemic.

Jenny Smart

COVID is far more prevalent in the U.K. than many areas in the EU.

If you make holidaying abroad a nightmare, then you keep those all important tourist and holiday £££ in the U.K.


The Tory’s are coming for your money folks, Lol


But I haven’t got any.


Take out a loan.


The ferries need to back off, like the supermarkets are.

Benny C
Better and more obviously sensible advice. for anyone reading the news properly, would be ‘don’t go abroad’. Why on earth folks want to spend money risking their health (walking into a situation whereby they travel from a low risk environment to a very high risk one) beggars belief. Barcelona locked down nearly two weeks ago. That’s a city the size of Manchester. Doh. I hope an eye… Read more »
What a load of idiotic comments. Read the Government website and it says you have to fill in a form before you land with the address you are going to quarantine in. All those returning have to fill It in within 48 hours of their flight home. One in five is going to be checked up on during the quarantine and fined £100 if they are found… Read more »