Letter: Buy Isle of Wight produce and see what it would do for the local economy

This reader has a simple message – Buy Wight and help the economy grow

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This letter from Keith Richard, Ventnor. Ed

Buy Isle of Wight produce.

If all Wightonians bought milk, bread, garlic, tomatoes, cheese, salad and anything else made here, think what it would do for the local economy and jobs.

Buy Wight!

Image: Tim Mossholder under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 1st July, 2020 4:11pm


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5 Comments on "Letter: Buy Isle of Wight produce and see what it would do for the local economy"

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Eagle eye

Totally agree with buying locally produced products.

Is there a website somewhere showing what/where produce is available?

Are there any weekly markets back in Newport and Ryde?

Sally Perry

Haven’t heard from the weekly Farmers’ Market yet, but the AtoZtoMe Website (directory of companies who deliver) has quite a lot of info


Well Mary Case has been back in the Farmers Market in Newport since June Im going to get my Honey on Friday 3rd July

Eagle eye

Thanks Sally, very helpful as always.


I would like to buy isle of wight cheese online. Is that possible?