Letter: Did Bob Seely report Seaview barbecuers to Police for breaching lockdown rules?

This reader asks whether Bob Seely reported Richard Tice and Isabel Oakeshott for being at someone else’s house during lockdown

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This letter from a reader known to OnTheWight who wishes to remain anonymous. We posed the final question to Mr Seely just before publishing. We’ll add the response if there is one. Ed

Firstly, Bob Seely made his apologies early on Friday evening, but the cynic in me believes that this press was deliberately announced when we were all preparing for the weekend and he knew that it would disappear quickly.

Secondly, I notice that Bob Seely has not acknowledged that he has broken the law.

Thirdly and the most obvious question. If he attended the barbecue with multiple people there, who he knew was not at their primary location, has he reported the incident to the police? Surely that would be part of the MP’s code of conduct.

Image: West Midlands Police under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 9th June, 2020 6:56pm


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Help Save Lives, Vote Seedey Out, Save Our Sausages


…and if so, what would the establishment protecting Hampshire and IW Police have done???


Apparently the NHS ‘track and trace’ app has been upgraded with a new online game, ‘hide the sausage’

Mike Starke
Here’s a way Barbecue Bob could demonstrate the sincerity of his apology for having half a sausage (nudge, nudge, wink, wink; know what I mean?) I’m told self-catering holiday properties have generously been offered for use by NHS staff, who – for the sake of their families – cannot go home after possibly being exposed to Covid-19 at work. Since our MP is on such good terms… Read more »

You ought to put your proposal to, ‘half a saveloy Seely’, and see if he swallows it.


Excellent plan and a brilliant photo op.


Can you imagine the ribbing Bob’s going to get in Westminster?

Is that half a chipolata Bob, or are you just pleased to see me?


He attended the BBQ reportedly to build bridges, not break them.

Can you imagine the backlash if he dobbed that nasty Journalist Isabel Oakeshott in it?


Given Ms Oakeshott’s pedigree it was never a good idea to be breaking the rules in front of her. Remember how Cabinet Member Chris Huhne and his ex-wife ended up in prison?


Hello, hello, hello, what ‘ave we here sir? Half a sausage?


Was amused to read in another news outlet the following personal ad: Half a sausage looking for a pair of matching buns.


I can’t imagine anyone voluntarily spending time with Richard Tice, two meters or not. BTW how did they get there?


For goodness sake, there is just more important stuff going on in the country. Move on!!


This is important stuff

II think we may well have an answer to that age old question, is half a sausage in the hand worth more than two in the bush?

If you consider this is not important then think again. We are looking at the behaviour of a man who is arrogant, dishonest and has no respect for the people he represents in parliament. It’s great that he has given us the opportunity to ridicule him in a light hearted fasion but make no mistake, the message is serious. Let’s hope the Burger King of the Island… Read more »