Letter: Is Isle of Wight council killing Yarmouth’s community for cash?

Steve Cowley says he believes the relocation of Yarmouth School is “Isle of Wight Council grabbing money for the wrong reasons”

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This from Steve Cowley from Yarmouth. Ed

Parents and stakeholders of Yarmouth School, when consulted, said by 87% that they wanted to keep Yarmouth School in Yarmouth. Despite this, the Governors have now decided to go against parents’ wishes.

Do the parents’ views count for nothing?

71% of stakeholders didn’t want move
The IWC consultation results said that overall, 71% of the stakeholders in the West Wight, did not want this move. Yet IW Council is pushing ahead as 29% were in favour.

The will of the people?

226 children chose a non-Freshwater school
Of the 300 primary school age pupils in Freshwater, only 74 attend the Freshwater School.

Parents of 226 children have chosen to send their children to another school.

Yarmouth is one such school of choice, with a rich educational environment and supportive community, helping to keep the school financially sound.

Move to a refurbished school on a ‘promise’
But, despite this, the IWC and the Diocese of Portsmouth fully support the 29% who want to close Yarmouth and move it to a refurbished school in Freshwater on a ‘promise’, not in writing, that government funds will be available. They have taken no account of the wishes of the parents or considered the impact on the town and community of Yarmouth of closing the school.

Grabbing money for the wrong reasons
Just like the St Mary’s Roundabout to traffic lights fiasco, in my view it’s Isle of Wight Council grabbing money for the wrong reasons!

How about working to secure funding for our SEND children who are desperately underfunded at the moment and keep Yarmouth School in Yarmouth in its community.

A public meeting is being held on 26th November to discuss the plans. All are welcome – details here.

Tuesday, 19th November, 2019 12:27pm


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Eagle eye

Is it time for communities across the island to join together to tackle County Hall decisions? Time and again the Localism Act is being ignored by this council. Residents rights are continually overridden by the council and its’s officers. There is strength in numbers, as it is, small groups are easy to ignore.


The council have continued to ignore the vast majority of the public throughout this whole process. Sadly now the diocese are abandoning Yarmouth community simply to maintain their control over a larger school site in Freshwater. All of these so called decision-makers should be ashamed of themselves for sacrificing our children’s education to suit their own long term aims.