Letter: Join in doorstep vigil for Sarah Everard, and all the women and girls who have been victims (updated)

Maria Villa Vine is encouraging others to take part in a doorstep vigil on Saturday in memory of Sarah Everard and all the women and girls who have been victims

Girl with candle at vigil

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This from Maria Villa Vine. Ed

Every day women and girls face verbal and physical harassment on the streets.

In 2018 it was reported that 66 per cent of girls aged between 14-21 years had experienced unwanted sexual attention or harassment in a public place.

With this in mind and the devastating news this week of the murder of Sarah Everard a vigil is due to take place tomorrow (Saturday) in memory of Sarah, and all women and girls who have been victims.

Due to the cancellation of the public vigil that was due to be held at Clapham Common tonight at 6pm #reclaimthesestreets are asking for people to hold doorstep vigils across the country at the new time of 21:30pm and to shine a light in memory of Sarah Everard and all women and girls who have had their lives cruelly taken. This is particularly poignant ahead of Mother’s Day tomorrow.

Let’s reclaim these streets and make them safe for women and girls.

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5.40pm 13th Mar 2021 – Time for doorstop vigil updated

Image: Anton Darius under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 12th March, 2021 3:47pm


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I will also be lighting a candle tonight for Sarah Everard and all victims of violence whose deaths never made the headlines or have faded from public memory. I refer everyone to an outstanding piece from the comedian Daniel Sloss — in all earnestness — about the urgent need for good men to call out other men for unacceptable behaviour. I have only seen it embedded on… Read more »
I will be lighting a candle for Sarah, but my main concern is the fact a Police Officer is now the latest suspect. We need to speak out more than we do and if we are in abusive relationships get out with help from appropriate agencies. Why are so many men and women using violence to hurt people to extent they die or become permanently disabled. There… Read more »