Letter: Join in doorstep vigil for Sarah Everard, and all the women and girls who have been victims (updated)

Girl with candle at vigil

Maria Villa Vine is encouraging others to take part in a doorstep vigil on Saturday in memory of Sarah Everard and all the women and girls who have been victims

Friday, 12th March, 2021 3:47pm

By Maria Villa Vine with 2 readers' comments

Mental health support for children and young people more important than ever


During Mental Health Awareness Week, Maria Villa Vine highlights the impact the Coronavirus outbreak is having on children and young people and where they can seek help. Details within

Tuesday, 19th May, 2020 2:31pm

By Maria Villa Vine with one comment

Isle of Wight outdoor swimming groups to take part in International Women’s Day Dips for charity

statue of woman in swimming cap and goggles

This Sunday sees Isle of Wight women supporting other women by raising funds for Wight Dash and the WOW Centre with a dip in the sea. Why not join them?

Thursday, 5th March, 2020 5:51pm

By Maria Villa Vine

Reject divisive politics at Great Get Together events

Great get together poster

Picnics where you can share the food from your home country and a dip in the sea are on the cards this weekend as part of the Great Get Together events.

Friday, 21st June, 2019 9:18am

By Maria Villa Vine

Petition: Don’t cut the Isle of Wight Disabled Children Intervention Team

unhappy child

The Isle of Wight council are accused of "penny pinching in a specialised area" with their plans to make cuts to staff in the Disabled Children’s Intervention Team (DCIT). A petition calling for the plans to be scrapped has been launched ahead of the Cabinet meeting where the plans will be debated.

Thursday, 31st January, 2019 8:47am

By Maria Villa Vine

Isle of Wight pupils to take part in mass Floss4Funding


Pupils from this Primary School will be joining others around the country and doing the Floss to raise awareness of cuts to school funding.

Thursday, 18th October, 2018 3:53pm

By Maria Villa Vine

Isle of Wight Labour condemns funding cuts for LGBTQ+ youth support group

Love is a human right - iw pride

Breakout Youth provides vitally important support to young people who identify as LGBTQ+. Island Labour implore the Isle of Wight council to reconsider their decision to cut funding to this service.

Friday, 4th May, 2018 4:55pm

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