Letter: ‘Mirth and anger’ at Wight Remainers

This reader says he read news of Isle of Wight Remainers attending a pro-EU rally, with a ‘mixture of mirth and anger’.

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We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers – unsurprisingly they don’t always reflect the views of this publication. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch and of course, your considered comments are welcome below. This from Nathan Brazil. Ed

I read the news concerning the IOW Remainer group attending a national rally, with a mixture of mirth and anger.

Are these people so divorced from reality that they believe we’d be better off in a country where minority rules, whenever the majority vote doesn’t suit them?

If their desire to live under the unelected, unaccountable, incompetent rabble running the EU burns so fiercely, they are free to go and live in the EU country of their choice. But of course that isn’t going to happen, because not a single one has the courage of their apparent convictions.

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Monday, 5th March, 2018 11:29am


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Luisa Hillard
Realistically the only ‘unaccountable, incompetent rabble’ this writer is familiar with is Nigel Farage MEP. Who was ELECTED to the European Parliament, exactly the same as all the others from the UK and other EU Countries. The fact that the writer doesn’t understand this most fundamental issue makes him a poor advocate for reason. Secondly, let’s discuss ‘minority rules’ because this is another area of ignorance for… Read more »
We were asked to take a binary vote on an extremely complex issue. Now the reality is starting to hit home I am in full favour of an opportunity being given to the public to re-think their original decision, but this time with real information available on which they can come to a more informed choice. Letters like this are of no help. They add nothing to… Read more »
Got to thank OTW for publishing this “letter” because it displays so vividly the xenophobic ignorance so prevalent on the Island. This person clearly has no understanding that the UK is a country currently in the EU,not outside it,not yet anyway,and as or the “unelected rabble” wasn’t Nigel Farage ELECTED as an MEP? You should really Mr “Brazil” at least demonstrate that you have a modicum of… Read more »

So now those who wanted leave are frightened of another vote? what are they afraid of? if they are so confident why are they so scared of another vote?


Are they scared of another vote?
I struggle to see where it stops though!
Trouble is after that vote do we go the best of 3 or 5 referendums?
What you will end up with is perpetual votes on the same subject and everybody in limbo while it goes on, given the amount of work already needed to achieve some sort of brexit that surely would hamper us?


Greatergood…..we’ve already had 2 referendums on EU membership and currently stand at 1 all.Remain are ahead on agrigate having won the first round 67-33, the second round was a very narrow (51-49) Leave win. So a 3rd (deciding) round is needed…..only this time we can all see that Leave lied their way to victory in round 2.


Only one vote in this round though Winston!


So the result didn’t suit you. Very democratic response, I don’t think.

Billy Builder

As there is now much more clarity in terms of the BRexit options and the massive losses resulting from any form of BRexit based on this government own analysis, we are entitled to think again.

The lies and disinformation of the Leave campaign have now been laid bare, its time to rethink


Bear in mind that this government were against leaving. Maybe they are holding back on the full facts.

Billy Builder
Sorry, I thought we had a second election in 2017 despite the 5 year fixed term rules. The Tory party controlled by the hard BRexit right with the help of the BRexit DUP are the government now pursuing the hardest of hard BRexit. No one voted for a hard BRexit, that option was not on the ballot paper. There is absolutely nothing non democratic in asking the… Read more »

Thats a yes then.


Why would there be another vote? We’ve had one already. That’s it. Done. Mrs. Krankie in the north has even stopped whinging after her last electoral slapping.

I am constantly amazed that the Brexit brigade feel that they have “won” anything at all. Least of all any kind of compulsion to leave the EU. I am baffled by the complete and utter lack of understanding as to the leagal nature of the referendum (and all UK referendums) in that it had and has zero power to compel any kind of action based on the… Read more »
I feel both mirth and anger when I see it will cost us £50b to leave the EU, the country won’t be £350m a week better off (sorry NHS – no hard feelings eh?) and no-one actually has a plan beyond voting to leave, other than to benefit from a deal to import American chlorinated chicken. That offshore account won’t top itself up! But I will never,… Read more »
iain mckie
The actual figure being demanded by the EU is closer to £100 billion (they snuck in an extra £2 billion today over UK’s failure to impose tariffs on Chinese imports), and yet they are claiming that we will not get back the £10 odd billion we have tied up in the European Investment Bank until 2054, nor the multi billion pounds we have tied up in the… Read more »

As usual, its the remainers who get all twittery,while the majority remain satisfied and silent.


Re:”Are these people so divorced from reality that they believe we’d be better off in a country where minority rules, whenever the majority vote doesn’t suit them?”
Having lived and worked abroad for many years, I was under the impression that we were already now living in such a country! Who am I? You can call me “Nye Eve” and I’ll be back…

Billy Builder
I wish people would take the time to read what the newsworthy press reports. Today alone we have had reports from Vauxhall and Airbus indicating that without free trade with the EU over 100,000 jobs are at serious risk. Another article in onthewight.com discusses the loss of viability of IOW farms as a result of loosing EU farm subsidies. Every day we get closer to the cliff… Read more »

Your opinion!
I happen to believe differently and, obviously, those who voted to leave (the majority) also disagree with you.


Now, forgive me if I am wrong, but prominent members of the leave campaign stated that they knew they were not going to win, however they would be pressing for another referendum. I believe what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If they could have, so can the remainers.

Luisa Hillard
The general public don’t have the general knowledge or understanding of how the EU works and specifically how policy is developed. And this ignorance means that we, the general public, should never have been given a vote on something so fundamental. Particularly given the huge amounts of disinformation and downright lies. The extra NHS funding for example. And anyone who disagrees with this opinion only has to… Read more »
iain mckie

To be fair I have an MA with distinction in EU politics and a decade’s experience working with EU institutions and regulations, and I voted Leave. I fully respect everyone’s right to holding opinions and having a free vote accordingly. I don’t find it terribly appealing for someone to denigrate those democratic rights along such elitist lines.

Luisa Hillard

Jeremy Corbyn, whom I’m rather fond of generally, seems to support Leave.

For me how people vote is not the issue. Rather, my point is that most of us were expected to vote on something about which we were ill-informed and have little understanding.

iain mckie
It is the responsibility of all voters in all elections to do their own research and not take soundbites and slogans as a primary reason to vote (one way or another). That is the social contract that we have if we expect a functioning democracy. After all we had 40 odd years to make up our minds. Dismissing – without any empirical evidence of substance – that… Read more »
Billy Builder

To make a rational choice between two options you need good quality, reliable and honest evidence for each option. However, due to the down right lies, misinformation and fake news presented by the Leave campaign, votes were not appropriately informed, and many people fell to these BRexiteer scammers. Now the BRexiteer scammers lies are being exposed we all have a right to reconsider.

And this is from the person who was the portfolio holder when the Amey waste contract was awarded. I recall an article at OTW where it was asked exactly where the gull proof sacks should be stored for properties without outside space and the answer given was “in the cupboard” or “in the kitchen drawer”. And now apparently the general public don’t have the general knowledge of… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
Most people (i.e. the general public) don’t have knowledge on how the EU works. Surely you cannot disagree with this?! Just look at this writer saying that the EU (I assume he means Parliament) are all unelected would be the perfect example of this. Unless he’s referring to the civil servants, rather than the MEPs… in which case, so are civil servants at every level of government… Read more »
iain mckie

Luisa Hillard appears to believe that the little people (i.e. the general public) should not be afforded the privilege to vote. It’s almost as though she objects to universal suffrage.

Well, thank you for that Luisa. When voting in the referendum, I was well aware of what I was voting for and am quite content with my decision, whatever way it was. So were many others that I converse with from all sides of the arguement. If you were buying a car, would you want to know exactly how it worked? How about a mobile phone? Or… Read more »
Steve Goodman
‘Most OTW readers read the news concerning the IOW Remainer group attending a national rally when it was reported five days before this late little letter lacking substance appeared in response, and most OTW readers would also have seen something seriously usefully factual featuring some bad boys behind brexit posted only hours before Nathan’s newly reported mixture of mirth and anger. Are these people like Nathan so… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Why thank you Nathan Brazil, the EU nation of my choice is England…..where I have lived all my life as a member nation of the EU/EEC. Mr Brazil, like so many quitters, clearly fails to understand what democracy is or how it works. Poor Nathan has been taken in by the Brextremist confidence tricksters and clearly believes their lies.It’s not too late to educate yourself Nathan and… Read more »

I think it is you who do not understand what democracy is all about. You obviously know no better than what the EU believers would have you believe.

Would this “un-elected, unaccountable, incompetent rabble” be comparable in any way to the *elected* unaccountable, incompetent rabble currently pretending to run our democratic country? And we are not forgetting, are we, that we were told that the original referendum was “advisory” only, and many voters to my certain knowledge voted “yes” simply to discomfit Cameron. So I see no reason now why we should not have a… Read more »
I do not believe it
I do not know under which particular NRS Social Grade the author of this somewhat juvenile letter from Mr. Brazil would fall, but let us assume from the letter’s contents, and for the sake of debate, that Mr. Brazil is either a C2 or D, or at the very best a C1. It is precisely these groups of semi-skilled and manual workers who, paradoxically and despite having… Read more »

I do not believe it, Seeing as your so good at grading, where do you grade yourself?


Sorry: “if the Brexit mob *don’t* have the courage of their convictions”.