Green Islander speaks on Brexit as part of ‘Is It Worth It’ tour

Isle of Wight Green Party spokesperson, Vix Lowthion, spoke out as part of the ‘Is It Worth It’ countrywide bus tour this week. Watch the video.

vix lowthion and brexit bus

Isle of Wight Green Party spokesperson, Vix Lowthion shares this latest news. Ed

Day Seven of the ‘Is It Worth It’ countrywide tour saw the bus come to Hampshire, and Islanders for Europe joined hundreds of people in Southampton and Portsmouth to hear speeches and debate about Brexit.

Counteracting Vote Leave claims
The tour bus is a crowdfunded initiative, to counteract the Vote Leave claim in 2016 that by leaving the EU we can send £350 million a week to the NHS.

The recent government leaked report put the real cost of Brexit at £2 billion a week (£2000 million), and this is on the side of the Is It Worth It? bus.

Speakers from all political parties
Turn out in Southampton and Portsmouth was positive, although security threatened to call the police during the stop outside the Guildhall in Portsmouth! The crowd heard from Thomas Gravatt and Gerald Vernon Jackson from the Lib Dems and two Labour councillors.

Anyone who wished to vocalise their support for voting Leave was welcome to join the speakers, and one young man explained his concern for jobs in Portsmouth due to EU membership and was politely applauded by the crowd.

Island speaker
Vix Lowthion, IW Green Party spokesperson delivered a well-received speech in both Southampton and Portsmouth.

The bus has been in Scotland, Wales and much of England in the last week, and will be travelling onto Dover in the next couple of days.

More photos can be found on the Is It Worth It? And Islanders For Europe facebook pages.

Wednesday, 28th February, 2018 11:33am



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Email updates?
The Government has no policy on achieving the deal it says it wants. It is in hock to the DUP who are, to put it politely, single-minded. It is clear from today’s announcement that there is no common ground between HMG and the EU, and very little between England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland. In fact, UK is in chaos. Even those who voted for it (and… Read more »
Nobody in their right mind would have voted Leave because of the £350m a week claim. I voted Leave because it seems to me that our democracy is slowly being taken over by the EU which is too rigid in its thinking and actions. If the EU was more flexible I would have voted Stay. The way in which the EU is conducting its negotiations on Brexit… Read more »
It takes at least two parties to negotiate and one of them is not coming up wih anything to talk about. Mrs May keeps saying she wants it to happen and to schedule but is doing nothing to assist that process. You can hardly blame the EU side for wanting progress. Interesting that septua accepts that the £350M claim was outrageous, non-credible, indefensible and ludicrous. Yet a… Read more »
Mark L Francis
All I ever hear from Brexiteers is about their being “entitled”. They have been compared to a dog who chases cars not knowing what to do when they catch it. More like my terrier Rufus who wants to chase motorcycles. That is why I keep him on a lead – to stop him getting killed & the motorcyclist injured. I wish someone could do that to Boris… Read more »

Well said Vix.I voted Remain because of many of the points you highlighted.I feel many Leave voters on the Island voted to leave because they were easily misled and deceived by the now proven lies of the leave campaign and just didn’t understand how damaging Brexit will be to all our and our childrens futures.

Steve Goodman

Link to follow.

Steve Goodman

Molly doesn’t say who wshe menas by “we” – the Greens? Or some un-named coalition of right-thinking Brits?