Letter: Please use your headlights when driving through fog

This reader was concerned to see many cars driving on Isle of Wight roads without their headlights during today’s fog

car with headlights driving in the fog

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This from Paul Carter, who given the weather warning for more fog, shares this timely reminder Ed

I drove today from Niton to Newport and most of the south of the Island was shrouded in fog. I would guess visibility was perhaps 150 metres.

Yet I encountered numerous vehicles not using headlights – indeed some had no lights at all.

Please…it’s the law to use headlights in low visibility. Sidelights are not correct.

And if people are relying on Daytime Running Lights – remember they do not light the rear of your vehicle.

Image: keepitsurreal under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 7th December, 2020 5:37pm


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Use dipped headlights, not full beam, as the fog reflects the light back, and fog lights in dense fog to make your vehicle more visible.

Oh Boy! This is one of my “hot under the collar” subjects, almost rivalling the FB6 fiasco. Driving without dipped headlights in poor visibility is not only in contravention of the highway code but also incomprehensively daft. It invites a collision with both pedestrians and vehicles who have no possibility of seeing you coming and could easily result in death. It costs nothing to turn them on… Read more »
Here’s the problem: automatic headlights. People assume they’re on, when they’re not. I noticed this after a short distance in fog, this morning (about 50m), but plenty will just assume if the lights need to be on, they will be on. If cars have front foglights, they can be used with sidelights, to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic and also more effectively cut UNDER the fog, to provide… Read more »