Letter: Refusal to allow mobility scooter on train a ‘personal attack on people with disabilities’

Trevor Long says Island Line Train’s ‘company policy’ to not allow mobility scooters is a personal attack on people with disabilities.

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This letter from Trevor Long. Ed

See the response from South Western Railway.

I was yesterday (22/05/19) looking forward to a trip on your lovely train from Shanklin to Smallbrook, and then later to Ryde, returning to Shanklin later.

We paid for our tickets at Shanklin, and waited for the train to arrive. I am registered disabled and rely on a mobility scooter to get around.

“It’s company policy”
Imagine my severe disappointment and anger when told by the guard I couldn’t travel on the train. No feasible or logical reason was given, except to say ‘it’s company policy’.

Someone suggested it may be a weight problem but the train wasn’t even half full.

Personal attack on people with disabilities
I take this as a personal attack, as other disabled people with walking aids were allowed on.

I thought that disabled peopled shouldn’t be discriminated, but obviously with Island line that does not matter.

Steam Railway more helpful
We got to the steam railway, where we found the staff to be wonderfully helpful, and couldn’t do enough to accommodate me. 

I’m disgusted at your lack of empathy, and your outdated views on disabled people. 

OnTheWight has written to South Western Railway with question about Mr Long’s experience and will run a follow-up once we hear back from them. Ed

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Thursday, 23rd May, 2019 10:13am


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The Law – Disability Discrimination Act – Trains – Mobility Scooters – “Train Operators are not required to carry mobility scooters but most of them will.” Personal Attack? I guess if you believe that the law and Southwestern Railway’s policy is aimed specifically at an individual you could make that argument but if you prefer to use rational thought it’s obvious that there’s no personal aspect to… Read more »
As per National Rail advice, there are different procedures on mobility scooters across the network, as the scooters vary in size, shape, foldability and weight and also the trains have different ramps and spaces for them. They advise that users contact the train operating company to check before travelling, which I am surprised the letter writer didn’t do if a regular mobility scooter user. For the case… Read more »
Sadly, the writer (Trevor Long) is among that breed that believes it can ryde roughshod over statutory regulations designed to make travel safe and comfortable for us all. He does the community no favour whatsoever in his sense of self-entitlement. The staff at Ryde station are accustomed to dealing with argumentative customers of which, clearly Trevor Long was one, so all credit to them for handling his… Read more »

Odd. I’ve seen many mobility scooters on Island Line trains, and a welcome from the conductor, as if regular travellers. They’re not heavy devices, usually

Sally Perry

Yes, the response from SWR explains that Mr Long could have applied for a Scooter Card. Details here https://onthewight.com/south-western-trains-respond-to-accusations-of-mobility-scooter-discrimination/


Travelling on the island trains is hugely UNCOMFORTABLE due to the constant jolting & swerving of the individual carriages. Safe to travel in? Who knows?