South Western Trains respond to accusations of mobility scooter discrimination

Mr Long felt that he was being discriminated against because he was not allowed to take his mobility scooter on Island Line. South Western Railways respond.

Mobility scooter

Trevor Long, who relies on a mobility scooter to get around, shared a Letter to the Editor earlier today, accusing South Western Railways of discrimination because his mobility scooter was refused on board Island Line trains this week.

OnTheWight got in touch with the train operator with some questions about their policy on mobility scooters and accessibility.

A spokesperson for South Western Railways told OnTheWight,

“We are committed to providing an inclusive service and improving accessibility across our network.

“Our Assisted Travel service, dedicated onboard wheelchair spaces, portable ramps on our trains and at stations, and the disabled persons railcard, are all designed to make travelling easier for customers with accessibility requirements.

“There are restrictions on the size of mobility scooters that can safely travel on our services, based on national accessibility criteria. Passengers wishing to travel with a mobility scooter need to apply for a ‘Scooter Card’ to show guards before boarding. The application form for the ‘Scooter Card’ can be found on the Website.

OnTheWight has passed on SWR’s contact details to Mr Long so he can made contact and seek help in registering for the Scooter Card.

Thursday, 23rd May, 2019 6:22pm



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Email updates?

It has to be said that the preferred trains under the priced option for Island Line are 100% accessible. Shame on the DfT for missing two of their own deadlines in making the decision and Grayling for blowing hundreds of millions on useless Brexit shipping contracts and compensation and false franchise awards. And prevaricating on a couple of million for Island Line.


Shame there isn’t a national policy that all rail providers have to abide by.


Southern Trains persistently flouts the law on providing access for disabled & mobility impaired travellers: there is no crossing point other than the footbridge at Ryde St John’s Road, despite its designated “park & ride” status & at Esplanade, anyone unable to access the footbridge for the hovercraft, is required to traverse several hundred metres out of their way in order to cross the line.