Letter: Solution to traffic standstill on Staplers during months of utility works

Since the start of several months of utility works began on Staplers Road in Newport, there have been daily reports of miles of traffic and gridlock into the central hub of the Isle of Wight. This reader believes he has the solution to alleviate the traffic pressure.

Roadworks lights:

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This from Roger Cheeseman. Ed

Can I make a suggestion to the powers that be on Isle of Wight for partial alleviation of the Staplers Road closure debacle.

The problem can be helped by making Staplers one way into Newport from early morning (say 6am) until 2pm. At the latter time, the traffic flow is reversed to flow out of Newport.

It requires some thought and the contractor will have to change flows (and temporary signage) at each change of flow, but it could be done quickly.

Roads brought to a standstill
There will be some extra requirements on the contractor, but that has to be better than bringing roads into a major hub to a standstill.

It’s not rocket science and regular reversal of flow into and out of cities is common. I can cite Cardiff and Sheffield with permanent (automated) examples of this and San Francisco has had lane flow changes for a very long time.

Added cost, but for who?
I am sure there will be arguments against this because the contractor (and probably the council) will say it’s impossible.

I expect the contractor to disagree because it’s an added cost.

Let’s, for once, consider the people of this Island rather than the politicians and big business.

Image: svensson under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 9th January, 2019 3:43pm


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Such an obvious solution, and shouldn’t add a great deal to the cost of the operation, especially when you add up all the expense others are encountering sat in queues either trying to commute, or do deliveries and above all adding to the pollution with all the standing traffic.

Geoff Brodie
I can understand and entirely sympathise with Mr Cheeseman’s criticism of big business, but as one of the Newport councillors representing people who are having to put up with the daily consequences of this diversion I’m entirely unclear as to why its at my or my colleagues’ consideration. I also live on Fairlee Road. I was not consulted on the diversion and the decision was made by… Read more »
As i dont know the costs of a road closure I may be jumping the gun but from a part closure I was involved in at a cost of £346 for a couple of days is there a daily rate dependent on size of closure,if not that would obviously be the way forward and be a good way of raising money to plug a budget gap.If there… Read more »

Great idea, but we all know that by the time any decision is made with that lot, the works will be finished.

This crops up as everything is funnelled into Newport and Coppins bridge,going back years it was put forward for a bridge to be built across the Medina. Can we see some positive action which would alleviate a lot of traffic problems.Especially as most of the large firms are on the Newport to Cowes areas and a lot of the workers are from the East Wight Also a… Read more »
Totally agree Newport was just allowed to grow without much thought about traffic. This typical situation with road works could easily be solved by increasing the cost for say in excess of 3 days of road restrictions.Say either £100 perday per metre affected or a stipulation that there should be 4 workers for every 3 metres affected either way introduce an interest in getting the job done… Read more »

Edward De Bono’s book ‘Lateral Thinking’ is a useful source for turning around inefficient situations and was written for the use of teachers, to assist pupils in avoiding that which seems obvious. Always ask the questions ‘What might happen if I don’t do the obvious? What then?’ (The obvious is usually decided upon by ‘vertical’ thinking).

I have to report that at 15.35 hours today (Thursday 10th January) there were two workman on site having a chat by a stationary digger. My sarcasm aside, as a Wootton resident living within sight and sound of Lushington hill, once the morning peak has passed, the traffic appears to be running well. My two trips into Newport this week (at lunchtime today and Monday) were quieter… Read more »
long in the tooth
On Tuesday and Wednesday I went through Staplers one way system. I saw one digger working yet the whole road was coned off. There is no need for such drastic action at this stage. The road could easily have been left open with traffic lights in operation from 9am and work commencing at that time. Why not overnight working as has been done elsewhere? I would query… Read more »

” Why not overnight working as has been done elsewhere?”

Because it’s a residential road. People want to relax in the evening and sleep at night…