Letter: Upper Ventnor road cracks – When should we worry?

A Ventnor resident is starting to get worried by the increase in cracks appearing on the upper Ventnor roads and footpaths.

crack in wall

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with readers. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch. This from Ventnor resident, David Henshall. Ed

At what point should residents of upper Ventnor start to worry?

The cracks in the road at the junction of Ocean View and Newport Road are getting visibly bigger, as are those in the footpath that cuts the corner off.

There were surveyors out taking measurements on Wednesday, but it is no surprise that there is a total lack of information filtering down to residents.

The forecasts are predicting 36 hours of excessive rainfall onto an area where something appears to be ‘happening’ – maybe it is time for the Isle of Wight council to stop playing politics and reassure residents that all is well up here!

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Word from IW council
The IWC advised on 8th March that urgent works to shore up the retaining wall at the junction of Ocean View Road and Newport Road would the week starting March.2013. It doesn’t look like this has happened as yet.

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Friday, 22nd March, 2013 4:08pm


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During the last major roadworks, they were unable to fill the large hole, and instead built a bridge. The bridge is where the cones are in the photo.


buy land north of the slip this will become the new esplanade and be worth millions

We reckon that in 15 years we will have wonderful sea views here….. obviously no buildings insurance or access to our home or even access to Town or the Beach… but no worries eh? The Council will sort it out,, just like undercliffe, except this time it is a whole town at risk not just a few houses… Strange how the urgency to sort this out is… Read more »
Chris Welsford
I am extremely concerned that the current wet weather could trigger of some serious landslides. I understand from a senior geotechnical expert that the situation is as serious now as it was in the early sixties when the Blackgang road was destroyed. Because of this information; the letter to OnTheWight; a number of calls from worried residents, regarding the risk of landslide in Ventnor and in light… Read more »
Chris, Thank you very much for your comments, is there anything we can do as residents except ‘vote independant’ in May? Unlike our current crop of elected officials,as a dog walker I cover the main effected area, on foot – often twice a day. The early comments on here say it all, the fault lines are not only visible but are growing daily. The shift in the… Read more »
Surely it’s time to re-route the buses and ban large vehicles from using the route. Also, shouldn’t the Tourist Board be warning holiday makers to come into Ventnor along Leeson Road instead of through Wroxall. It’s ominously like what happened to the Undercliff Road near Niton and along the Military Road near Freshwater but much more serious because of the larger population. Are the Isle of Wight… Read more »
L R Traite

The road was closed this morning without notice until Thursday. It does now feature on the website. Not sure what they are planning to do if the problem is as serious as they say

Janet Scott

Hi. It’s Thurs. 8p.m. can anyone tell me if it is open? I couldn’t find any info. on IWC website.