Letter: We should be investing in St Mary’s Hospital and recognising the Island’s strength

This reader believes the Isle of Wight’s isolation is something to recognise, protect and cautiously capitalise on in light of Covid-19

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This from Hans Bromwich, Cowes. Ed

Just because the IW NHS Trust has a new five year plan, does not mean it needs to become a mill stone around its neck. New times demand new thinking and new agile responses.

We know easing lockdowns result in rising Covid-19 infection rates. It is not rocket science to see living with a pattern of successive waves is likely to be our new reality, certainly until there is a safe vaccine for the world.

The wide spread disruption Covid-19 is causing our Health Service is disastrous, and in itself seriously threatens the economy. 

Recognise, protect and cautiously capitalise our isolation
Here on the Island, with our Solent barrier, we have mercifully been spared the levels of infection witnessed elsewhere on the mainland. Our isolation is something to recognise, protect and cautiously capitalise on.

If the Island can remain relatively Covid free, then our hospital can remain fully operational, indeed, with the right leadership, vision and investment, St Mary’s could expand to become a satellite and beacon on excellence, attracting clinical talent to the Island. 

Need to become more medically self sufficient
We need to become more medically self sufficient, recognising, developing and building upon the strengths and potential our hospital St Mary’s has. 

It is fool hardy to be sending more and more Islanders to the mainland for procedures we could and should be safely delivering to Islanders here on the Island. 

Mindlessly following a pathway simply because it might provide a national model that delivers cheaper health care is not what we should be pursuing.

Should be investing in St Mary’s potential
We should be investing in St Mary’s potential, recognising the Island’s strength and using the opportunity to build something really special here on the Isle of Wight.

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Friday, 6th November, 2020 10:07am


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Totally agree!

Who in their right mind would want to travel to Southampton or Portsmouth for treatment when the Covid-19 infection rate is so high over there? It’s utter madness


They say 25% of Covid infections are picked up in hospitals. BBC South today Yesterday reported SGH has 40 cases, how many do we have in St Mary’s?

Sally Perry

There have been 6 reported admissions or diagnoses in hospital in the seven days up to 1st November.

Rhos yr Alarch

And the logic of the “market system” suggests we should also be developing an “offer” that will make it attractive for mainland patients to be sent here. Remember that hundreds of TB patients came to Ventnor in the days of the chest hospital there. Better wait till after the current pandemic for that though…


No evidence whatsoever for lockdowns working at all. Respiratory infections follow a seasonal pattern and that includes C-19 along with flu & the common cold. The “circuit breaker” lockdown in Wales looks more like the so called experts getting their wires crossed every day!