Letter: What’s happened to the water on Ventnor Cascade? (updated)

Who turned the water off and why? asks an On The Wight reader

We always welcome a Letter to the Editor to share with our readers, this one from Ventnor resident, Anne Elliott. See bottom of the article for response from the council. Ed

Dear Sir,

Do you know why the leading tourist attraction on Ventnor seafront, Ventnor Cascade has dried up? Has the natural spring been diverted? Who did that? Who agreed to that? Does anyone on On The Wight know the answer?

There were lots of people down there today including quite a few tourists. The dried out waterfall and wishing well looked rather awful.

I asked one of the staff at the cafe (Besty and Spinky didn’t seem to be around) and he just said “maybe they’ve turned it off for a couple of days over Christmas”!

How can a natural spring be turned off? Was it ever in the media anywhere? Did Ventnor Council ever discuss it anytime?

Sincerely, Anne Elliott

We got in touch with the council to find out what had happened to the water, a spokesperson told On The Wight, “The council first received a report that no water was running on 29 December and investigations into why this is happening are being carried out. As soon as we know any more I’ll update you.”

Update 3rd January: A spokesperson has informed On The Wight, “I’ve just been informed the water is now flowing again. Apparently it was down to a blocked pipe, which the council cleared this morning.”

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Wednesday, 2nd January, 2013 2:49pm


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  1. I wondered that too. It was off all over Christmas. Maybe there’s not been enough rain, and the spring has dried up :-)

    Also the lights on the Cascade haven’t been working for about a year. It looks lovely at night when all lit up.

  2. Perhaps they remember back to the early sixties when the revellers poured a couple of gallons of teepol in the water. Must have been the first foam party ever.

  3. Mason Watch

    2.Jan.2013 7:01pm

    The water is still running – look at the outfall into the harbour, loads coming out but for some reason it’s not flowing down the cascade – is there a diversion valve somewhere?

  4. Sally Perry

    3.Jan.2013 12:09pm

    Hurrah, the water is now flowing again after a blocked pipe was cleared by the council this morning.

  5. The Council kept that very quiet about the blocked pipe in the Cascade when two properties in Park Avenue had to call out the Fire Brigade due to sudden water pumping into their cellars. We were told it was nothing to do with our problem but it’s a strange co-incidence. Brook House and Clarence House are still pumping out water furiously but not quite so furiously at Brook House these past couple of days. Matt Shaw and a colleague from Highways Dept were here at Brook House yesterday and didn’t even mention the blockage which we had been querying with them all along. Has anyone else had a similar problem with flooding? It’s never been heard of before in Park Avenue.

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