Live: Councillors discuss combining Fire Authority with others

Members will be discussing the proposed pay policy, the new combined Fire Authority to include Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight authorities and the boundary review.

vote counting in the county hall chamber 1

OnTheWight will be reporting live from the March 2018 Isle of Wight Council chamber tonight (Wednesday) from 6pm.

The agenda (see papers below) includes:

  • New combined Fire Authority to include Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight authorities (paper c)
  • Isle of Wight Electoral Review (paper d)
  • Pay Policy (paper e)

Live updates
The live updates that appear below from inside the chamber at County Hall will automatically refresh in the page. Items in double brackets (()) indicate comment from the author.

Isle of Wight council – Full Council March 2018 agenda by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Combined Fire Authority PAPER C[1] by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Boundary Review PAPER D by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Pay Policy PAPER E by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Wednesday, 21st March, 2018 5:50pm



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Email updates?

Meanwhile, the Isle of Wight fire brigade is having its staff cut !

I fail to see how the combination provides “increased resilience and capacity”. We’re talking about acute services, time is of the essence, sorry your house burned down, we were in the queue at Wightlink/Red Funnel. And these weren’t claimed as benefits in the original papers. I think we are getting some strange “advice” from the Council’s Legal people. “in strictest legal terms decision made by cabinet”, yet… Read more »

Ah, right, another consultation. If previous efforts are anything to go by, it won’t be worth the paper it is written on. Skewed questions with choices of the devil or the deep blue sea and a cop-out from the politicians.


Distressing how “call me Dave” can ignore reasoned argument. Still, when Central Office speaks…

Steve Goodman
Plus ca change… Thanks to Sally (that’s another drink owed), I see that soon after seven, con. cllr. (and, with convictions contributing to his current Private Eye ‘Spiv of the Year’ status, stone-throwing glass house resident) Wayne Whittle “starts making what the chair says are personal attacks”, that our elected servant’s behaviour then “descended into school playground”, and that another of the Island’s Private Eye content providers,… Read more »

What’s with the AMERICAN dates?????

Surely it’s possible to use a system that employs uk/European dates?


IWC now using a calendar with 24 months. At one stroke monthly expenditure halved.


Thought must be something to do with Fire service coming up, every chimney fire or cat up a tree is making it on to Isle of Wight Radio news. Its like when they are after a pay rise their P.R. dept goes into overdrive.