Live coverage of IW Executive: Parking, Undercliff, floating bridge, Totland Seawall (Updated)

Sally is at County Hall, reporting live from the Executive meeting that is making decisions on many of the Island’s most contentious subjects. Follow the updates as they happen.

Keyboard close up by ericnvntr

Sally is on the Press table in the Chamber at County Hall (and has been since the start of the meeting at 6PM) covering the Executive meeting (previously known as the Cabinet)

There’s lots of contentious subjects under discussion – Parking; Undercliff; floating bridge; flood report; dogs on leads; etc.

It’s coming up for 9pm and it’s still going, so, we thought you might want to keep an eye on how it’s developing.

Update 8.July.2014 – Changed live Tweets for fixed capture of Tweets sent. Shown as a slideshow.

Image: ericnvntr under a CC BY 2.0 license

Monday, 7th July, 2014 9:14pm



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6 Comments on "Live coverage of IW Executive: Parking, Undercliff, floating bridge, Totland Seawall (Updated)"

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Appreciate the tweets. Am I right in thinking they’ve voted all those ridiculous parking proposals through – Obviously no respect to the people they are supposed to represent!
Will the last one to leave the Island please turn the lights out.
Ps – I wont bother voting for IWC ever again – complete waste of time!

Our Council are facing some tough decisions at present. The IOW Council is not to blame for having to look for more revenue. Central Government is the one cutting local funding + leaving all councils in the country grossly under- funded. When you have to pay extra parking charges remember that. None of us wanted to pay higher council tax. We do all still want our parks… Read more »
Your response John just shows you really don’t get it! Stop blaming David Cameron for your local decisions – we are not interested. Good – I’m glad he drives a nice car – he works hard so deserves one. Plus new car cars are cheaper to run. Do you really think raising parking charges will bring more tourists, shoppers to our towns, people to Medina Theatre shows… Read more »
Stewart Blackmore
I disagree, Gaz. Most people ARE interested in where to lay the blame as to why the IWC is having to implement huge and drastic cuts which will directly affect all of us on the Island and most of the services the Council provides. David Cameron & the Coalition government are to blame for the present 28 million shortfall the IWC is having to manage. Also to… Read more »
Steve Goodman

We don’t thank you often enough for all this!

Sally Perry

Thanks Steve. Good to know the 17 hours spent delivering the news yesterday was appreciated.