Live: First scrutiny meeting of new Isle of Wight council – Find out what went on

This is the first Scrutiny Committee meeting of the new council. Follow our live coverage from the comfort of your sofa or office.


Tonight (Tuesday 13th June) sees the first Scrutiny Committee meeting of the new Isle of Wight council.

Cllr Paul Fuller (Ind) will be chairing the chairman and joined by Cllr Julia Baker-Smith (Ind); Cllr Geoff Brodie (Lab); Cllr June Davison (IWALC rep); Cllr Rodney David Downer (Ind); Cllr Andrew Garratt (LibDem); Cllr John Hobart (Con); Cllr John Kilpatrick (Con) and Cllr Brian Tyndall (Con).

They will be electing a vice chair, receiving an update on the Cowes floating bridge, considering the Quarterly Performance and Finance Report as well as reviewing the current forward plan (see below).

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The Agenda and Forward Plan can be seen below. Click on full screen icon to see larger version.

Tuesday, 13th June, 2017 4:50pm



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Excellent reporting. It was just like being there!

Thank you



“PriceWaterhouseCoopers will be carrying out the audit”

This would be the same lot that gave us the roads fiasco.

Why do we continue to put money in their pockets?

The Solent Gateways project requires that the floating bridge meets these requirements below. It is clear that the officers do NOT realise how many problems that there are, and that MANY of the solutions they are proposing actually creates another set of problems that either violates the Solent Gateways’ objectives, or other important things such as pedestrian Heath and Safety, disrupting river traffic, etc. Are we really… Read more »