Live: Isle of Wight councillors debate plan for next three years

Members of the Isle of Wight council will be considering the proposed three year Corporate Plan at the extraordinary meeting. If you can’t make it along, catch up with our coverage here.

corp plan diagram

OnTheWight is reporting live from the October extraordinary full council meeting tonight (Wednesday) from 6pm

There’s only one item on the agenda – the proposed 2017-2020 Corporate Plan.

Titled ‘Our Island | Our Vision’, the Corporate Plan will be presented by Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Dave Stewart.

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The Corporate Plan

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Wednesday, 18th October, 2017 5:50pm



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9 Comments on "Live: Isle of Wight councillors debate plan for next three years"

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Email updates?
Geoff Brodie
The Silence of the Sheep So once again all Tory councillors meekly followed their leader. And yet we will never know why as they demonstrated the ‘Silence of the Sheep’ :-) Out of 21 members present (4 missing, including Seely) just three others spoke in support of the Corporate Plan. Its becoming a pattern, with by my reckoning 15 yet to open their mouth in the five… Read more »
Unfortunately, this kind of blind sycophancy is the way with most political parties in power. These people should be speaking up on behalf of their constituents. It is only two weeks since this “plan” was made public. That is not nearly enough time for people to read, research and lobby their councillor. This “extraordinary” full council meeting seems designed to railroad this through with as little public… Read more »
Just got an alert from “They Work For you” which explains Seely’s absence. He was debating Universal Credit in Parliament at the time of the Vote: Seely: “I have listened to this debate with an open mind, willing to criticise the Government if need be, especially if they were to fail my constituents on the Isle of Wight. However, the more I have listened, the more I… Read more »

Well Geoff, you’re assuming that they bothered to read “the vision”. Perhaps some thought it was such dross that they just couldn’t find anything positive to say.


In which case, why vote for it?

Andrew Garratt

Any competent group would have orchestrated a clear show of vocal support … especially as they insist on forcing mentions of the Conservative Party into the document’s foreword contrary to widespread practice that council documents don’t provide such free political publicity.

The contrast was clear. Members of all opposition groups spoke up to highlight significant flaws and failings in the plan.

As the document states ” A vision”. We all have those and quietly vow to keep off the medication. Back to real life. Thanks to Cllr. Baker-Smith for the 18% mention. Will the IWC be leading the way and paying it’s staff more? Will it include the SENs and LSAs in the schools that are only paid for term-time working and often for less than 30 hours… Read more »
This “Plan” is a Conservative Group policy statement – absolutely no indication of how it might be achieved, and therefore not a “plan” at all. It is to be deeply regretted that ALL non-Tories on the IWC did not recognise it for what it is – they should all have voted against it, and maybe even a couple of the less narrow minded Tories might have done… Read more »

I had assumed that the lane marking on the “motorway” was so obviously wrong that there must be some technical or legal reason for not doing it.