Catch up: Isle of Wight council agree to push council tax up 3.99%

Councillors debated and voted on next year’s budget, which sees £4.5m of cuts/savings to public services including a 3.99 per cent increase to Council Tax and increase in parking charges

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Isle of Wight councillors tonight (Wednesday from 5pm) debated and voted on the annual budget for 2020-21.

Isle of Wight council say they have to find £4.5m of cuts/savings in the next financial year, with many millions more over the next couple of years. The proposed Conservative budget would see a 3.99 per cent rise in council tax, two per cent of which goes directly towards adult social care.

The meeting will heard alternative budgets from the Liberal Democrats and the Independent Green candidate.

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Wednesday, 26th February, 2020 4:55pm



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IOW Council keep putting Council Tax up, but keep cutting services. Investing our hard earned money in mainland property, with little or no return is not best use of council tax. How much has been made from recent mainland investments, compared to predictions please? How much more are the IOW Council paying of our money to Jay Jayasundara to ‘make savings’ on the PFI Contract? How much… Read more »
Benny C
They could start with introducing – a) performance related pay for ALL Councillors b) an automatic system linking pay to attendance c) an end to self approval of pay rises for Councillors, replaced by an independent public panel. d) annual publication of statistics and names in connection with all of the above. e) a reward system for claiming LESS expenses f) quarterly Public Review meetings for all… Read more »

£4.5m of cuts/savings to public services? What’s left to cut?

Most Councillors only get a basic allowance of £650 per month – which is hardly a king’s ransom. To give context it would take a consultant such as the PFI ‘expert’ Jay Jayasundar about 8 days ‘work’ to earn what most Councillors get in a year. The highest paid one (by some margin) is Dave of course and he only gets just over £26,000 – which isn’t… Read more »
Benny C
Performance related pay! Discipline! Ability! They could all earn way more if they were effective because we would have more revenue to pay them , folks might actually want to reward them, we would have service oriented approach, better run , better value services and officers reporting to a Board they knew would hold them properly to account and whom they actually respected. Councillors would be changing… Read more »
You seriously think people become Councillors for the money?! On average a Councillor costs about a tenth of a senior officer. In your system who assesses their performance? Who decides what the metrics are? Who chooses the assessors? etc and so on. Anyway that would change little or nothing – you’d still only attract people who don’t need the money or are retired. How many other type… Read more »
Benny C
I’m agreeing with you 100%. First sentence. They’d earn much more IF they are effective. Performance assessment is a well established system. Even chairs of FTSE 100 companies, folks like Tim Cook, Lord Wolfson, are all assessed for LTIP schemes, annual progress against targets in financial performance, sustainability, HR, business transformation, etc. Some are formulae, some are face to face, usually with the General Counsel and the… Read more »
Agree with you Benny – but – you miss one key element; Council Officers. Council Officers, must, be subject to exactly the same performance measuring as you propose should be implemented for Councillors, with an additional caveat for Council Officers, to do with accountability, which as we know from exhibited past experience is zero. All Council Officers that is Manager Grades, should be on standard annually reviewed… Read more »
Benny C

Agree 100%. It happens in the private sector in businesses of comparable complexity, almost everywhere. Better rewards means better choice of people, means better performance assuming someone is smart enough to know who to choose. It’s self fulfilling.


Councillor Stewart should be paying us, £26,000 for doing what apart from representing his own interests, scandalous,


Cllr medland is quoted as saying “IWC have lost £2.1m in property investment.”

This needs a litle more explaining. Anyone care to have a go?

Benny C

Ok, let’s see. Someone didn’t pay attention , didn’t think, didn’t understand the market. As a professional they’re supposed to avoid that. Asset managers should be there to outperform, not there to underperform. There’s the clue to the solution. Not there. Any more. But who even bothers to take responsibility? No one. Rotten borough.

Eagle eye
There is no incentive to change the current system at County Hall because there is no accountability. Times have changed and there needs to be a radical rethink of how councils are run. We need to take the politics out of local government and go back to their true purpose of serving the people. I would like to see more powers devolved to local level where there… Read more »

Council tax up 3.99 percent, incompetence up 100 percent.