Live reporting: Members decide future of Local Area Coordinators and more

OnTheWight will be reporting live from the Isle of Wight council’s Cabinet meeting, where, among other things, members will make their decision on controversial plans to scrap the Local Area Coordinators.

Live reporting

OnTheWight will be reporting live (see below) from the Isle of Wight Cabinet meeting tonight (from 5pm).

Taking place at the Westridge Centre in Ryde, the meeting will cover a number of items on the agenda (see below).

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Nov 08, 16:55
Busy meeting
There are around 30-40 members of the public here

Nov 08, 17:02
Leader opens meeting
Suggests phones and ipad, in case you accidentally look at something you shouldn’t, be turned off or set to silent

Nov 08, 17:03
Cabinet members asked to introduce themselves.
They introduce themselves one by one explaining what their portfolios are.

Nov 08, 17:09
Public questions
Tanja Rebel asks question about 5g coverage on the Island. Cllr Hobart says they are awaiting an impact assessment.

Nov 08, 17:12
Written reply will be sent to Sue Birch about transport. Written reply to Mr Mills.

Question about beach huts -Mrs Gasgoine – how can they justify large increase charges and where did they do comparisons with?

Cllr Hutchinson – open market value based on size and position and not part of statutory duties but part of commercial estate. Explains how charges are considered. Compared to south coast. vat applicable to all rentals.

Nov 08, 17:14
Lynne Rinaldi – delegated decision beach huts. Asking where figure for sale of beach hut sold for £30,000 came from as foi request said not allowable .
Cllr Hutchinson says figure came from one of the beach hut owners who took part in the review. 11 huts have been sold for various prices.
Questioner says the reply is like hearsay.

Nov 08, 17:16
Michael Ward – shared ownership – not on register. How can you develop for new build going forward.
Cllr Abraham – appraisal of info for setting up revenue account and registration detailed in the report.
Mr Ward – people trying to sell shared ownership properties and not able to because IWC not on register.
Cllr Abraham says they will be setting up.

Nov 08, 17:20
More questions
Rebecca ? – beach huts- what arrangements for another sudden price rose to not go ahead. Can’t rent out without extra insurance cost.

Cllr Hutchinson – not sure sudden increase as phased over five years after giving one year notice. Not current intention for further rent reviews but can’t say what things will be like in ten years time. Cost of legal fees for renewal licence.
He carries on that for long time huts have been exceptionally cheap for some time. There will be a formula freeze at end of second year to consider any unexpected changes that might arise from the new policy.

Nov 08, 17:22
Hazel Brittan – questonnaboht local area coordinators. Live well can only offer six sessions.
Cllr Mosdell – license through network – living well comes together to support those with needs. ((Galloping through her answer so difficult oshe keep up))
Supplementary – 2-3 backlog so how will you expand.
Cllr Mosdell – A spent four hours working on how there will be no back log.

Nov 08, 17:23
Q- why no public consultation to remove LAC support?
Mosdell – no statutory requirement to consult. We have checked with legal.

Nov 08, 17:25
Last question
Malcolm Marshall – given AEW’s actions over. Ryde arena – what legal action will IWC taken or what has been taken
Cllr Whittle – continues to press for building to be given back for public use . IWC frustrates. Could prejudice IWC to say anymore at this time.

Nov 08, 17:28
Diana Conyers – LACs paper says provision made to support necessary – how will this cost? 600 people many require long term support. Are cabinet aware lacs have workload of 60 people each. How many others in services have that case load?
Cllr Mosdell – yes aware of how many they are working with. New recommendations to cabinet – have a transition fund. Will ensure all those will be signposted in the right direction.

Nov 08, 17:29
Heath Monaghan – LACs – deal with vulnerable people and very impressed with LACs and unhappy partner services have not been consulted. Will result in more suicide deaths and isolation. Can cabinet be sensible and pause the decision for six to twelve lengths and work with voluntary sectors to safeguard those most in need? ((Round of applause))

Nov 08, 17:31
Mark Cheverton – unison – in view of concerns expressed would it not be sensible to defer decision until wide ranging review of the issues. And would protect the reputation of the IWC.
Same answer as before. Five months until decision will ‘fall through’

Nov 08, 17:32
Cllr Heather White from Freshwater – understand IWC never intended to pay for LAC indefinitely so why didn’t they seek funding before proposing to axe the service.
Cllr Mosdell says will be answered when she gives proposal to cabinet.

Nov 08, 17:34
Zoe Thompson – ryde business association refers to strategy report item consider free on street parking. Asks why IWC feel there isn’t comprehensive evidence for free parking.
Leader – will be covered in discussion in budget.
Need to save £5.5m.

Nov 08, 17:35
Cameron Palin – who owns floating bridge has extended warranty kicked in yet and will IWC get money back?
leader IWC has not taken formal ownership of the bridge but we do maintain it. Have used the warranty when
Number of people paid money. £1m IWC £3.7m Slep and extra costs. Will come in when legal discussions.

Nov 08, 17:40
Catherine Pugh – resident of Ryde and so concerned why so many large scale housing development by allows in Ryde. Infrastructure can’t cope.
Cllr Abraham – applications like penny feathers approved before they were in power and can’t comment or change that. Review of the island plan. Have land supply come forward from land owners. Consultation at end of this month. Government numbers expecting us to deliver 641 houses per year. Probably will never be achieved.
Supplementary – affordable housing should be there.

Nov 08, 17:51
Last question
Mrs Penny Tilt. Volunteer- given all services looking after vulnerable people already overstretched what will happen in next five months for other people find themselves in that position.
Cllr Mosdell says this will be answered when she presents to paper.
((Get the feeling that something very different is going to proposed))

Nov 08, 17:43
Chairman’s announcements
Wrote to parliamentary undersecretary about the clean air zone. Reply was that Local authorities need to consider plans and they must not cause impact to businesses and individuals.
Met with Leader of Southampton and going to work together on this and tourism offer.

Nov 08, 17:44
Digital conference
Taking place next week. Over 150 attendees. Will be showcasing AI.

Nov 08, 17:44
Remembrance service
At Newport Minster on Sunday morning.

Nov 08, 17:45
House of Lords
CEO went to select committee on coastal communities

Nov 08, 17:50
Leader to read a budget – will take 5-6 mins
Earliest draft budget for many years
Start to address lack of affordable housing
In stronger financial position
Government will not bail us out if we run out of money – refers to Northamptonshire
Have put some money away – £11m in reserves
Manage the risk to develop budget. Using reserves is unsustainable.
Budget decisions are not easy. All want to invest in communities but have to be realists
Believe we should receive more money because we are an island and have extra cost.
Spending £140m providing essential community.
We do a good job
Being clever with money we have
Publishing early allows all island make suggestions
Will consider all observations
We must save £5.5m and following two years after that
Can only use reserves once.
Work in progress proposals
Know some decisions do not sit comfortably with some cabinet members

Nov 08, 17:52
Leader chastises those who criticise the proposals without constructive comments.

Nov 08, 17:58
Deputy leader
Over last six years have had to save £76m. All easy cuts have gone.
On track to delivery this year’s savings.
Got to save £16.5m additional savings including next two years.
Refers to other councils that have had problems with budgets. Northamptonshire and at least three others.
Exposed potentially difficult decisions to make £5.5m savings. Look for efficiencies in way we work. Purchasing instead of leasing vehicles. Re-engineering services such as alcohol and drug service.
Additional income. £100,000 if borrowing to invest. Every £1 we earn is another £1 we don’t have to save.
Bids to government for funding – successful with funding for items such as Newport road reorganisation
Toilets etc picked up by town and parish council.
Stopping a service is a last resort. May have to look at stopping some services in next budget or ones after
Portsmouth university study found being an island cost £6.4m more to provide services.
Fair funding review – arguing strongly for more money due to our position of having 50% more older people than many other local authorities.

Nov 08, 18:00
Explains process for budget savings. Percentage of budget for each portfolio.
What’s in paper is outcome of that.
Cllr Outlaw very good with figures so going to keep a note of all suggestion of changes.

Nov 08, 18:01
Cllr Mosdell
Appendix B line 11 – increase in wight care charges. Wants serious consideration by cabinet. Will bring in £17,000 – would be false economy.

Nov 08, 18:02
Cllr Abraham
Agreed with Cllr Mosdell / speaking to older residents and have been surprised how many don’t know about Wight Care. Should market it better.

Nov 08, 18:05
Cllr Ward
Comment on Ryde parking charges. Item 34 the comment is deliberately not specific.
Cllr whittle says the proposal doesn’t support small business support. Problem with union street is split into four zones and many who work in shops move from one hour to another. Male union street one zone and everyone gets free hour and much fairer and good for customers. Saving was £74,500.

Nov 08, 18:05
Cllr Mosdell
Same goes for Crocker Street – add to list £?

Nov 08, 18:06
Cllr Murwill
Looked at opening hours of tip – should consider removing the earlier closing from budget.

Nov 08, 18:08
Cllr Brading
Children’s services / struggled to come up with savings. Wants to remove line 16 from the proposals – island futures £50,000 – got some funding to replace it. A-level results need improving. Three stage approach to improve. Spend the £50,000 on a level work rather than cut from budget.

Nov 08, 18:09
Cllr Mosdell about parking
Lines 36/7 I believe there is a typo in there, when Ian was explaining to me regarding on street charging?
Cllr Ward said that’s a line item we need to look at a bit more closely and make sure it’s targeted efficiently.
If we could consider that at this stage – of removing that – we may be able to adjust it.
Leader – Can you explain a little bit what you mean what you mean by the typo error.
Cllr Ward – It was offstreet parking – the other way round
Leader – This should have referred to offstreet parking, we’re not intending to in this budget paper at the moment to charge for on street parking overnight?
Cllr Ward – That’s right.

Senior finance officers do not intervene or correct Cllr Ward.

Nov 08, 18:10
Cllr Abraham
Buying vehicles outright. Can we buy through county network?
Cllr Hutchinson says yes. Can buy new vans for £6k.

Nov 08, 18:13
Cllr Brading
Item 38 – sea front parking all year round needs to be looked at.

Nov 08, 18:13
Cllr Outlaw
£312,000 savings noted during that discussion that Cllrs want removed.

Nov 08, 18:14
Cllr Hutchinson
We have to save £5.5m

Nov 08, 18:17
Leader reads out the recommendations from the paper including 2.99% council tax increase as well as other savings/cuts/efficiencies

Cllr Whittle seconds the recommendations – all members vote in favour

Nov 08, 18:23
Item 6
Cllr Mosdell on LACs / new recommendations. Reiterate believes in early intervention and has immediate problem to face with budget. Started to address issues with LGA peer review. Asked Hampshire to take over a public Health. Had to tender some services. Full LAC service would cost £500,000+. Can’t delay for a year. Cannot and will not have unsafe services. Refers to Sian Lockwood claims of £500,000 savings per LAC each year ((wrong – Sian said over three years not each year))
Set up task and finish group review.
Certain areas have had greatest benefit such as West Wight.
Cabinet agrees investment into Ryde and Freshwater. ‘Community builder’ will be put into these areas. Areas of high concern when LACs ceases will be covered.

Nov 08, 18:24
New proposal – ceases LAC by March 31 2019
Signposting to services
No new referrals from date of decision.
Task and finish group to review work of LAC and similar programmes.

Nov 08, 18:26
Cllr Hutchinson says if decide to cease service in current form there is always a cost to change and would provide transition budget of up to £100,000 to help.

Nov 08, 18:29
Cllr Abraham
Invested money in reconfiguring facilities at county hall.
Cllr Mosdell – not wasting money returning county hall. Isle help and CAB will be there. To provide hub of services.
Cllr Hutchinson – clarifies total cost over £200,000 one off cost. Ongoing revenue savings. Scheme will pay for itself.

Nov 08, 18:31
Cllr Abraham
LAC doesn’t cover whole island so whatever proposal to replace should be whole island.
Cllr Mosdell / part of recommendations report into local care board and work already started in early intervention.

Nov 08, 18:33
Cllr Murwill
Surplus food distribution – been in contact with businesses, Aspire etc. Great to have hubs across the island, east centre and west.
Would be worth investing in west Wight community and sports centre.

Nov 08, 18:41
The vote
All vote in favour of the recommendations- most residents leave the meeting.

Nov 08, 18:50
((Had to leave the meeting for a moment))

Nov 08, 18:50
CEO talking about one public service.

Updated: Nov 08, 18:51
The vote
Recommend options A and B re sustainability and transformation partnership- integrated care system. Seconded by leader and recommended by Cllr Mosdell
Vote: all in favour

Nov 08, 18:55
Paper F
Cllr Abraham introduces the paper. Going back to the past. 30 years ago on Medina Borough Council passed move towards housing associations.
Current market does not deliver enough affordable housing or sheltered housing.
IWC should take a more active role with affordable housing.
Through use of special purchase vehicles.
IWC to consider whether to introduce housing revenue xxx
Have to start to deliver. Can’t see any other way.
Housing needs assessment in para 6
Average wage £25,000 and average house £215,000 – out of the reach of young people.

Nov 08, 19:06
Should be able to offer better than we do. Move to recommendations as stated in paper F.
Seconded by Cllr outlaw. Led task and finish group last year to look at delivery of affordable housing with Cllrs Lilley, Andre and Quirk.
Important piece of work and pleased to see this coming forward. Grateful to prime minister and lifting cap on housing revenue account.
Cllr Whittle – very much needed. One and two bedroom houses not being built. Need to move market around.
Cllr Brading / opportunity to develop apprenticeships.
Cllr Mosdell / supported living for people with learning disabilities, long term premises.
Leader says it will shake things up. Not just talking about it, we’re going to do it.
Vote: all in favour

Nov 08, 19:08
Item 10
Brief updates on portfolios
Cllr Whittle – regeneration team submitting plan to government for garden communities schemes.
Proposed development sites in newport harbour and former Camp Hill.
Entry into programme opens doors to funding – expect to hear by April 2019.

Nov 08, 19:09
Forward plan
Cllr Outlaw points to paper licensing of boatmen (?) from December to January

Nov 08, 19:11
Item 14 – paper G
Press and public exclusion being discussed.
CEO says discussion can happen so long as anything mentioned in confidential papers are not spoken about

Nov 08, 19:16
Pan development
Cllr Hutchinson says paper is self explanatory. Been going on for substantial amount of time and need to wrap up. Set out in recommendations in para 37/38.
CEO adds comments / way reported in media doesn’t set out full details
Barretts agreed £4.7m 8 years ago for when site finished.
Try to move to pick up on desire for affordable housing – make the most of £4.7m available
Beacause of way Pan Manco was set up this gives a way for us to protect manco for future. Ties up everything nicely in one bundle to look after everyone on estate. Lends to a positive story.
Cllr Outlaw grateful to CEO and assistant CEO to reinforce option one delivering best value for the council delivering homes for those in need.
Leader reads out recommendations

The Agenda
Click on the full screen icon to see larger version and click through to the individual papers.

Cabinet agenda by OnTheWightNews on Scribd

Image: sskennel under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 8th November, 2018 4:50pm



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