‘Love where you live’ message ahead of Step 2 in Covid Recovery Roadmap

The Isle of Wight council and Visit Isle of Wight urge Islanders to reconnect with Island businesses and attractions come 12th April

Family walking on the coastal path

While our visitors get to enjoy the Isle of Wight for a few weeks of a year, as residents, Island paradise is quite literally on our doorstep all year round.

As of 12th April, heritage sites, zoos, attractions, pub gardens, restaurant terraces, gyms, spas and self-catering properties will all be ready to welcome you back, with the rule of six and Covid safe measures in place to ensure everyone stays happy, healthy and protected.

Local businesses need your support
Now is the time to plan for when you can, to consider all the places you’ve said you’d love to go right here on the Island, but never have.

Make every weekend on the Isle of Wight a holiday at home. 

Go to the Visit Isle of Wight Website for where to eat and things to do.

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office, in their own words. Ed

Wednesday, 31st March, 2021 8:38am


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“ While our visitors get to enjoy the Isle of Wight for a few weeks of a year, as residents, Island paradise is quite literally on our doorstep all year round.” A very good point, and well worth the IW Council seriously reflecting upon. I, as an IW resident, won’t be going out spending in shops and restaurants if they are swarming with holidaymakers. Once IW residents… Read more »
Benny C

I just wish the Councillors would think about the meaning of those words when they fumble around overspending, recruiting sub-optimal officers, reaping the rewards of poorly thought through deals and contracts, spending our money to fix their blunders, etc, etc.

Typical and insulting, it’s a pity the Isle of Wight Council and tourism didn’t urge people to stay away prior to the recent lockdown to look after our health and well being, instead they encouraged people to come here for the sake of profit and their doing it again. Don’t kid yourself Covid is still with us with infections still rising. Business, business, business, profit and greed… Read more »
Got any evidence of that? Visit Isle of Wight has run a campaign for months titled ‘The Island Will Wait’, encouraging people to wait until restrictions are lifted before they come here. It’s been very responsible and the right thing for them to do. However, we can’t lock ourselves away forever – tourism is the lifeblood of the Island’s economy. Many local businesses desperately need the holiday… Read more »

Thomas, surely you aren’t expecting someone to spoil a perfectly good rant with an inconvenient fact or evidence?


More people got infected, more people died how many more facts do you want. All down to opening the place up for money, it’s shameful and we will be put at greater risk again. Look what happened in Brighton (Facts)

Sally Perry

The Island was heaving with tourists all last summer and the infection rates were very, very low. According to the Director of Public Health the Dec/Jan spike was mostly down to the Kent variant – plus people mixing indoors.


And you believe those that continue to fabricate the truth.


Total nonsense and your bound to say that. “tourism is the lifeblood of the Island”, “Many businesses desperately need the holiday trade” Well you just reinforced the priority, funny that you don’t mention residents health and well being. If you don’t have health you don’t have an economy. Greed, greed and more greed for the few as always on this Island. I rest my case.


No one is forcing residents to join these ‘thronging hoardes’ you’re worried about.

If you keep everything closed until all tourism businesses have closed, or gone bankrupt you also won’t have an economy.

Closing most things down for most of a whole year has prioritised health and well being above local businesses.

If tourism isn’t the lifeblood of the island, what is?

I reinforce the important issue above tourism and business is health, if you don’t have that you don’t have an economy and you won’t have a business, It’s getting the balance right, the problem on this Island is business ignoring the rules i.e. not enforcing the wearing of masks etc for the sake of profit. Shambles, let’s hope we don’t have a third wave because of greed.

I thought you were leaving, Spartacus? You won’t need to worry much longer..you’ll soon be in the perfect place


Can’t wait horace to get away from corruption, narrow mindlessness, UKOG when it arrives and continual business greed. Won’t be long now