Mainland fire crew called to Isle of Wight on standby

The chair of the FBU said “It’s very concerning when there are not many appliances on the run and it seems to be getting worse”.

Fire engines

A mainland fire crew were called to the Isle of Wight last weekend, while crews tackled a kitchen fire in Pan.

A crew from Newport and a crew from Cowes were called to Royal Exchange, leaving the Island without any fire engines on standby.

A pump from Hampshire was sent to the Island to provide cover.

Concern of level of staffing
Chair of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Pete Mawhood, said he was very concerned about the levels of staffing on the Island.

Last month it was announced seven firefighters have had their temporary contracts terminated, with fire crews across the Island boycotting a training exercise in East Cowes in a show of solidarity.

FBU: “Seems to be getting worse”
Mr Mawhood said:

“It’s very concerning when there are not many appliances on the run and it seems to be getting worse.

“If the appliances are not on the run, it means they can’t be sent to fire calls. There is always a risk when we do not have appliances available.”

Mr Mawhood said there were only two full time appliances available at the weekend and retained crews were often unavailable:

“We can never guarantee retained crews will be available.”

The Isle of Wight Council has been contacted for comment.

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Email updates?

We, as an Island should all be very concerned!
Another great decision by the Cons at Isle Of Wight Council…….cutting essential services whilst putting lives at risk!


Attempting to score political points by such moaning is contemptible.
Please at least try to come up with a positive solution or is it that too much to ask?


Stating facts as alisonjane does, is not political point scoring.
Positive solutions? IOWCC could do as other Councils in UK have & use alternative funds to mitigate the worst excesses of the current Conners government’s pathological obsession with denying the population access to essential services. They could also stand up to unfair & punative policy making in Whitehall.

Bringing across the Solent a fully equipped Fire Tender and Crew, must cost Thousands of pounds each time. Will the cretin(s) who thought up that cost exercise please step forward, own up and tell us how much extra we, the taxpayer a, now have to pay each time and b. the increase in taxes we will have to pay, for this much reduced services cover. These people… Read more »
Did our inglorious leaders not understand the population increase we have every summer? Do they not see how easy it is for a Ferry service to be cancelled through bad weather or mechanical breakdown or just full of vehicles that will need to be removed before an appliance can board the ship? God forbid we have a Hotel fire when the roads are crammed with Holiday makers… Read more »
Our Services are wonderful. It is unbelievable that they are run on a shoestring and have lost a whole much needed unit. This Council at different times as decimated our education system, caused chaos with the front line services for the needy and ill and now unbelievable fire engines have to be deployed from the mainland under the terrible pressures already mentioned. Hallo Council Leaders we live… Read more »