Isle of Wight Council’s only Green councillor resigns from party

The councillor says they would not be able to serve their community and residents well, whilst being held to account and directed by a committee of the Isle of Wight Green Party.

michael lilley

Cllr Michael Lilley, the Isle of Wight councillor for Ryde East shares this news. Ed

I am writing with deep sadness after many months of personal stress and soul searching to inform the Isle of Wight Community I have decided to resign as a member of the Green Party. This decision has not been easy.

In 2017, I was very proud to stand openly as a Green Party candidate and be elected as a Green IW and Ryde Town Councillor by the wonderful residents of Ryde East where I live.

I believe in accountability which being an elected representative involves, and have been active in consulting local residents and those within the local Green Party regularly. This has become increasingly difficult as some members of the IW Green Party who have a very different perspective to me regarding the interpretation of how a Green Councillor should operate. This has become increasingly irreconcilable.

Loyalty to the people of Ryde East
I have decided that my loyalty and commitment has to be the people of Ryde East who voted me in with 53% of the vote.

I cannot continue to be accountable to a local party who demand a greater control on my daily function as a Councillor, as this often conflicts with the needs of my local community which have to be my first priority.

I can no longer serve this community and residents well whilst being held to account and directed by a committee of the Isle of Wight Green Party.

An Independent Green
Therefore, after consultation with local residents, my family, respected members of the community, and those in the Green Party who I have worked closely with, I have decided to resign as a representative and member of the Green Party.

I remain as an elected Councillor representing Ryde East as an Independent Green. This will enable me to focus on being a good representative and community leader for my ward of Ryde East, both within the ward and across the Island.

It will also enable the local Green Party to go in the direction they wish and I want to thank the majority of the party for their past support and wish them well for the future.

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Phil Jordan
I, too, know how hard and difficult this decision was for Michael. Having spoken with him on many occasions it became clear that he could not continue with certain structures and personalities in place and I know that he has freed himself from the problems it has brought. I work alongside Michael at Ryde Town Council and have great respect and admiration for his work, his views… Read more »
I’ve worked closely with Michael over the last year on Ryde Town Council, and I’ve always found him to be a principled man who would always put the people of Ryde and the Isle of Wight ahead of his own ego. His reasonableness and thoughtfulness are always to the fore, and even though I’ve been aware of some of the difficulties he’s faced inside the local Green… Read more »

Nice bit of knife-twisting there, JC.

Michael is one of the most authentic, hard working, compassionate people, this will have been a decision not taken lightly. For certain, Michael has the interests of the people he serves in his heart, mind and soul – his electorate matter, the people of the Isle of Wight matter, those are the people Michael is loyal to and will continue to fight for in the very best… Read more »

It’s the move of a politician with integrity which I very much support him for. Reading between the lines suggests some people in the party are asking him to put constituents after party which rarely ends well.


The Island Green movement seems to have been thrown into disarray by ‘ Vote Vix ‘ and her disingenuous responses to the discovery of her family ( not Green however you spin it ) mining company. If Vix would stand down I would happily vote Green again.


Yes exactly CB500, no matter how she spins it up, it was in complete disbelief that many of us read about that side of her partners life last year, mining minerals, supplying concrete and concentrated copper products. Not particularly green by any stretch of the imagination!
How could anyone take her seriously?

Geoff Brodie
I know this has been hard for Michael, having gone through a similar difficult decision a few months ago. I am beginning to wonder what it is about local ‘left’ parties – particularly their failed parliamentary candidates – and their relationship with people who actually get elected ? I would urge him to continue supporting his national party, as I do. Or even try the Labour Party… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
Geoff, I don’t think you can say that only Left parties have such issues. Just look at the Conservatives and their long-running division between Turner-ites and Pugh-ites. It just happens that the Cons are, in nature, more obedient to authority and being dictated to by local and national party… (whereas us on the Left are more free-thinking) which makes me intrigued to see how the Con councillors… Read more »
This is a simple case of “who’s Queen?”. There is no difference between Cllr Lilley’s politics or commitments and those of the Green Party, whether local or national. The Greens must realise that they have to start looking like a credible opposition, and eventual government, since there is no-one else out there. That means evolving from a loose group of like-minded thinkers with disparate passions (palm oil,… Read more »
The issues that trouble the Greens are quite simply the fact that they were a disparate bunch, each with their own agendas and issues, and each issue was the most important to that individual. Now try to get them all sitting down and talking cohesive policies is almost impossible. Just look at Plastics, this months ‘go to’ issue, or is it Coal, or Oil or Fracking, or… Read more »
Surprised how many downvotes you’ve acquired, electrickery. Seems a pretty sound analysis. I personally think the issues are so important that we can’t wait for the Greens to be elected to implement them. They can do good work as a pressure group, but the issues need to be taken on by the mainstream. That they always start with a left of centre solution puts people off them,… Read more »