Isle of Wight Studio School closure protest planned for later this week

“If you believe in it, then fight for it!” is the call from those opposing the closure of the Isle of Wight Studio School. Parents and supporters are asked to join others outside County Hall this week to show their objection to the plans.

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“If you believe in it, then fight for it!”

That’s the rallying call from parents of children at the Isle of Wight Studio School – the only of its kind on the Island which provides alternative education with a strong emphasis on work placements – which announced less than a month ago that it was set to close due to too few students enrolling.

Protest at County Hall
Parents have made a strong case for the school to remain open and are now calling on others to join them this Wednesday (16th) for a protest outside County Hall, Newport.

Parents and supporters are asked to gather from 5.30pm, prior to the 6pm Annual Meeting.

Council won’t step in
The Cabinet member responsible for Education, Cllr Paul Brading, said the Isle of Wight council would not step in to save the school.

He did however say that,

“If a local school wanted to take it on, we would support it.”

Share your views
Parents and supporters of the school, along with the local councillor, Cllr Karl Love, have called on parents to share their views with the Department for Education (DfE) during the “listening period”.

The four week listening period ends on 22nd May. All parents, organisations and residents can make their comments known to [email protected] or the Regional Schools Commissioner Dominic Herrington at [email protected] or visit the Save Our Studio School Facebook Page.

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What on earth is the point of protesting outside County Hall? IWC has no input to this issue.
How about bo**ocking a certain Boy Pugh, recently trying to return to prominence? It was he and his party which started this hare.

But isn’t that the issue here.. being dropped upon by these hit and run merchants leaves the whole island in despair, and there is absolutely no accountability. So where does one ‘vent their spleen’ if not at those who should be protecting our whole Island, not just the bits they actually give a damn about? Boy Pugh was last seen on the fore-deck of the ferry wearing… Read more »