Mike Bulpitt, Chief Executive of IWRCC on Budget Presentation (Podcast)

RCC is a central plank of the voluntary sector on the Isle of Wight. Mike talks about his concerns about the potential council cuts.

After the presentation last week by Steve Beynon to representatives from the voluntary sector, we caught up with IW Rural Community Council (IWRCC) Chief Executive, Mike Bulpitt.

Mike Bulpitt, Chief Executive of IWRCC on Budget Presentation (Podcast)The IWRCC worked with the Isle of Wight Council to organise the meeting, providing the opportunity for face to face discussions about financial challenges on the horizon for those working in or relying services provided by the voluntary sector.

“Support for small voluntary groups vital”
Mike told us that despite the proposed budget cuts from the Council, there are many other challenges to be faced, including less money from the Lottery as well as a reduction in charitable donations.

As was evident in the meeting, which VB covered live, there is much of anxiety at news of the reduction of services for those most in need on the Island.

The Personalisation Programme
Mike went on to explain that those receiving care will be facing fundamental changes with the implementation of the Personalisation Programme.

This is a national policy which aims to enable those receiving care to choose where they get their care provision. In simple terms they’re given a budget and a choice of providers to select care from.

Many at the meeting voiced their concerns over this new programme, but Mike felt that although it would not suit everyone, generally it was a good concept. Saying that, he did feel that problems may arise with the implementation of it though.

How the budget cuts will affect the vulnerable
Being discussed on Friday was not only the changes with regard to the Personalisation programme, but also the budget cuts for Supporting People programme.

This programme is set to receive huge budget cuts in the proposed 2010/11 budget and passions were running high at the meeting.

Listen to the podcast to hear what Mike had to say on this and more.

Wednesday, 10th February, 2010 2:31pm


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