MPs to vote on fracking today. Let Andrew Turner know your views

If you’re concerned about the prospect of Fracking under areas of AONB and SSSI on the Isle of Wight write/tweet/call your MP before he votes in Parliament today (Wednesday).

Fracking possibilities on Isle of Wight

Thanks to Vix Lowthion from the Isle of Wight Green Party for sharing this news with OnTheWight readers. Ed

The much-delayed vote on the Statutory Instrument which would allow fracking under national parks, AONBs, SSSIs, drinking water aquifers, etc is to be in the House of Commons today (Wednesday).

This will certainly affect the Isle of Wight – please see this map of National Parks, AONB and SSSI areas. Most of the Island comes under these.

Get in touch with Andrew Turner
Please email or tweet Andrew Turner ([email protected]) now asking him to vote against this legislation, which would mean fracking companies could set up their wells just outside the parks and frack underneath them, with all the problems re traffic, noise pollution, air pollution, bright lights at night, etc. that this will bring.

This will have a huge impact on these areas, as well as threatening the water environment and increase global warming.

For the government to approve this just days after the Paris Climate Summit is just shocking, and shows that they are going to give the go-ahead to the fossil fuel industry whatever they have agreed in Paris.

From this, and the report from the ‘independent’ ‘impartial’ (industry-funded) Task Force on Shale in the news today it is fairly safe to assume that we will hear the results of the 14th round licences, Isle of Wight included, very soon.

Find out more via the Greenpeace Website.

Wednesday, 16th December, 2015 7:47am



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Tanja Rebel
Dear Mr Turner, I plead with you today to vote against the preposterous suggestion to allow fracking under National Parks, Area’s of Outstanding Natural Beauty and SSSI’s. Fracking poses a risk to our water supply, causes air- and noise pollution (due to increased traffic) and can cause earth tremors as well. It has no place in or near National Parks and what’s more, it has no place… Read more »
So Tanja Rebel has positive proof that fracking poses all of the problems mentioned. It’s a pity she wasn’t around when coal mining was abundant in Britain. This left huge underground caverns which were never filled and there were many cases of subsidence as a result. I’m afraid that we need new energy sources and whenever solar or tidal energy is proposed there are always plenty of… Read more »
Mrs P A Luton
I would urge Andrew Turner to vote against Fracking in any shape or form. It should be banned completely, is against the intentions to reduce carbon production and its role in climate change. I believe fracking should not take place in any part of the country – if it is a risk in National Parks then what about the rest of the country, where people live –… Read more »

Dear Mr Turner,

Please vote against fracking on the Island.

Fracking on our fragile geology would increase the risk of aquifer contamination and earth movements within a 10km radius of the drill site. Further, the issue of fracking licences by diktat would reduce property prices and increase the costs of property insurance premiums.

Thank you


Have e mailed Mr Turner on [email protected]…..his official site.

Good to see Bones that you’ve reminded readers of this site of the correct procedure for writing to an MP. I still wonder though what percentage of the population take it in. Vix had reminded readers in the article as well. I’m always amazed how many people don’t understand how our parliamentary system works. Comments on a news website are nothing more than that: just comments. Use… Read more »
Jane Padley

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.! Oh Mr. Turner, please leave a legacy you can be proud of and protect your island against fracking.

Don Smith

Far to many laymen are poking their noses into a topic that they only know about, from what they have read (Well most of them).

I say leave these decisions to the experts. No one is going to frack if it is dangerous. Again I say leave it to the experts.

Vix Lowthion
It’s not just a case of ‘being dangerous’. I too have some healthy skepticism when in comes to report from the USA where their regulations for health and safety and environment are not as strong as those in the EU. Fracking will damage water supply and it will certainly lead to water shortages. To frack, you pump 1000s of gallons of water deep underground. This then comes… Read more »

(Don) The “experts” are employed and/or funded by the companies making money from fracking. It is better to look at the independent reports from US universities on the subject.

Don Smith

I agree, these experts are employed by various companies – Do you think they (scientists) would give incorrect information, if as we know compensation for disasters can cost those companies millions.

There is a risk with everything new.
I will always place my trust in science, far too many do-gooders holding progress back.

Frank James
Progress is always welcome, in the right direction. Since the Paris talks we now all know that the official worldwide consensus is that we are in trouble and need to make big changes to slow the progress towards further damage and disaster. The main known risk is from the continuing extraction and use of fossil hydrocarbons instead of the safer cleaner energy sources we must ultimately use.… Read more »
Don Smith

All those red arrows proves my comments are in line with those who know what they are talking about. Lets Frack and progress.


(Don) “All those red arrows proves my comments are in line with those who know what they are talking about.”

At least he is consistent. His “standard of proof ” is as about as reliable as those “experts” promoting fracking who are in reality employed/funded by fracking companies.

(BTW most of those companies are themselves funded from overseas tax havens.)

Tanja Rebel

To Don Smith,

Frack and progress? Regress would be the word. Fracking is invasive, water wasting, polluting and it contributes to Climate Change. Hardly what you would deem “progressive”, unless you want to live a myopic life style.

It is time to lift our eyes and look beyond our own generation. The choices we make now will have huge repercussions. Lets choose wisely, the responsibility is immense…


But Don, the experts say burning fossil fuel will cause the Earth’s climate to become dangerously unstable. Climate change increases the risks of extreme weather, including droughts, floods, heatwaves, storms, and hurricanes, with all the starvation, war, death and destruction they cause. Is that what you want? We have to stop burning fossil fuels.

Don Smith


You are just informing us how the world is now – Even without fracking.

Furthermore, all the disasters to which you refer have been going on since time began.

Frank James
Not so, because disasters caused by man-made climate climate damage are comparatively recent. There is compelling evidence to conclude that thanks to our post-industrial activities there is now more carbon in our atmosphere than ever: certainly for the the period for which air bubbles in ice core samples are available, which is almost a million years. In addition to poisoning our air, we are poisoning our water… Read more »
I was genuinely going to email AT, I even had the nice long detailed explanation in my ‘drafts’ folder, ready to edit when I had an epiphany! What is the point? the decisions are made, party lines will be followed, our wishes ignored and what will be,,, will be! Maybe I am doing an injustice to AT and his advisors, but past decisions would suggest that the… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

To be fair to Andrew Turner, only earlier this year he voted against the government and also against fracking.

Fracking is one issue on which he is open to persuasion, that’s for sure.

Frank James
MPs say that the number of mailings (or lack of them) from constituents does affect their reaction to particular issues. If we don’t care, why should they? If we don’t counter the quiet lobbying from the greedy and dangerous sides (who are also largely responsible for avoiding taxation and are therefore making us pay more) we know what will happen. As long as our myopic politicians want… Read more »

Environmentalists would rather we bring gas across the world as Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), instead of using the resources within our own country. The renewable future is starting put will take decades of technology advances before we can move over to a completely green energy economy. In the meantime we need to keep the lights on.

Vix Lowthion

No. Environmentalists have been proposing alternatives to carbon and gas for decades. We don’t need to ship gas in – we need to conserve the gas we already have whilst we are moving to renewables.

We don’t need fracking. We need reduction in energy use, stopping wasting energy in home and shops factories with lights on overnight and heating escaping through badly insulated properties. As one example.

Frank James
No number 2: Environmentalists would also rather not be moving lots of stuff around the world; reducing consumption, circular economies, and maximising local production & consumption makes more sense. As does using renewable biogas instead of burning fossil gas. Our government is already struggling to meet the demand to keep the lights on in winter; early investment in the safe clean ‘green’ options we will eventually have… Read more »
billy builder
We should be generating our base load using nuclear fission reactors as the French do. Any excess power generated could be used to cracking hydrogen for fuel cells. If this were the case we would not need to import carbon fuels for power generation and could reduce petrol and diesel used for road transport. We need a sensible energy policy which allows us to maintain and develop… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

What evidence is there for the Green Party’s energy policies to ‘restrict personal freedom’?

billy builder

I believe that the Green Party manifesto was advocating a move away from personal transport. If you take my car away aren’t you restricting my personal freedom ?

BB Isn;t the following LibDem policy on nuclear: “There is an energy source, ignored by much of the green movement, that, while not renewable, is lower carbon, cheaper and safer than all widely available renewables except onshore wind. That is the peaceful use of nuclear fission energy. It can help speed our way to an ultra-low carbon economy in places where the capture of sufficient renewable energy… Read more »
Vix Lowthion

A move away from personal transport through inprovements to public transport is not ‘restricting freedom’. It’s not a stick approach – it’s a carrot approach.

billy builder
cicero, we need to get from where we are now with a high carbon economy to where we need to be if we are to limit global warming, with as little impact on quality of life as possible. Nuclear fusion will when viable (optimist – no room for if) give a virtually infinite energy capability. However we need to bridge the time-lap with other energy generation solutions.… Read more »

vix do you/your family drive/own a car? if so is it a Prius or similar greenie vehicle?


BB “However we need to bridge the time-lap with other energy generation solutions”

Yet another LibDem “Elastoplast” policy?

billy builder

cicero, Well at least the LibDems have a semi coherent strategy. You however seem to be very good at finding problems with people’s views, but not quite so good at suggesting solutions. What would you do ?

Of course, describing something as “semi-coherent” implies “semi-incoherent” does it not? What would I do? 1. Remove all oversea and cooperation aid to the major polluters (China and India). 2. Tax producers/users of carbon fuelled enterprises and ring-fence that tax revenue to be spent on alternative energy sources. 3. Institute a scheme whereby owners of vehicles could use their carbon-fuelled transport only on alternate days. (It was… Read more »

I wonder how many of those who will be forming “TWAF” “The Wight Against Fracking” are ThWarties?

Them turbines don’t seem so bad now, do they?


Similarly, I wonder how many of those promoting fracking are TWATS (The Wight Against Tidal Surge)? :-))

Brownie points for Andrew Turner!!! To xxxxxxxxxx Message body Dear Mr (aka Cicero) Thank you for contacting me about the vote on Fracking today. This was a deferred division, which meant it took place without any debate. I voted against the proposals. Although the Government has listened to concerns raised and made a number of concessions, I do not believe that they go far enough to protect… Read more »
Mrs Retired Hack

Well done Mr Turner.

Mrs Retired Hack

…But it’s a pity the rest of the MPs voted, (298 votes to 261) in favour of fracking under National Parks.

Full marks to Mr Turner! Re comments above on “keeping the lights on”: a) a lot of the lights don’t neeed to be on so let’s turn them off; b) Government policy is apparently to have the Chinese lend the French enough money to build some shiny new nuclear power stations just after all the lights have finally gone out, and by the way, we (Britain) have… Read more »

As the Chinese are one of the dirtiest nations on Earth and have no regard for the future of the planet, I do not feel that they should have such a commanding input in providing for our energy needs.

Frank James
The Chinese are both big polluters (partly because we stopped making a lot of stuff and started buying their ‘better value for money’ goods instead) and world leaders for investment in renewable energy, possibly making them less dirty and careless of our future than our government. China is also still not keen on things like freedom of speech and freedom of information; maybe that’s why our increasingly… Read more »
Steephill Jack
I have just received this e-mail from Andrew Turner: reply: “As you have contacted me on Fracking in the past I thought I would update you about today vote. This was a deferred division, which meant it took place without any debate. I voted against the proposals. Although the Government has listened to concerns raised and made a number of concessions, I do not believe that they… Read more »

The Trades Unions maintain their anti-fracking position.


Surely the trade unions would be behind a process which allows the workers from the North Sea that have been laid off due to the low oil price, the chance of a job again?
The drillers and toopushers there are all very vocal members of Unite.

Frank James

On that subject, our (‘greenest ever’ actually means ‘cut the green crap’) post-Paris government is apparently behind a process which allows at least six and a half thousand workers from the safer, cleaner renewable energy sector to be laid off.

Surely not a good way to boost our economy, create jobs, and stop wrecking our planet?

Frank James
More bad tidings for the UK’s solar industry. It is now facing a 65% cut to government support and even the Department for Energy and Climate Change’s official impact assessment reckons the industry could lose up to 18,700 jobs, making a mockery of prime minister David Cameron’s speech to the Paris climate summit: “Instead of making excuses tomorrow to our children and grandchildren, we should be taking… Read more »

Governance by ministerial Statutory Order (UK) and Presidential Executive Order (US) is similar to 1930s governance by “FuerherOrdnungen”. or Stalin’s Orders in 1940s (e.g. 227 and 270.

Yet both the UK and the US governments despise dictatorships believing themselves to be democracies. I wonder if future historians will agree.


So it seems that IWC is our last ditch of defence against fracking withholding planning permission. If ordered toby a minister and damage to the Island property occurs, perhaps we 140,000 Islanders could crowdfund a class action for damages against the government?

£10 a head would give us £1.4 million which would attract the “no-win. no charge” sector of the legal profession.


WELL DONE AT… that’s 2 good things he has done lately… could he be starting to see how tenuous his grip is at the moment, and actually doing something FOR us?
I am more than happy to rescind my previous doubts about his voting strategy on this matter and to say “I wouldn’t vote for you, but thanks for your efforts today”


Well done to the 298 MPs who voted for a sensible proposal which could help ensure a sustainable energy resource for this country and shame on Andrew Turner for being so short-sighted.

Vix Lowthion

How is shale gas a sustainable energy source? A finite, carbon based resource which causes environmental damage close by to people and wildlife during its extraction is the epitome of unsustainable.

Well done AndrewTurner. It’s nice to be able to say that once in a while. Fracking is doubly stupid anywhere because it’s extracting fossil fuel, and doing it using huge amounts of water. But to frack in a place as geologically iffy as the Island would be insane. How can places with landslips be proposed for fracking? If fracking is forced upon us, how many more houses… Read more »
Tanja Rebel
To Observer: SHORT-SIGHTED? How is it short-sighted to be concerned about water, noise and air-pollution, increased heavy lorry movement and possible earth tremors? How is it short-sighted to be concerned about the fact that this Government is still encouraging the extraction of fossil fuels when we all know they should stay in the ground? Or was the Paris Agreement a joke? Why has this Government cut subsidies… Read more »

Always fun to see you wound up Tanja and Vix! You Greens make me laugh.


Little things please little minds.

What happens if an experimental fracking site was allowed…and nothing happened? We have been fracking for years in the southern north sea and surveys have come back positively. If, after a few months fracking, your tap water is not a replacement for lighter fluid, school children don’t need weekly earthquake drills and the Island doesn’t start sinking…would anyone here change their opinion? As I understand it, local… Read more »
“What happens if an experimental fracking site was allowed…and nothing happened?” What happens if something *did* happen? Suppose Undercliff, Luccombe, Compton, Blackgang and all their inhabitants crumble into the sea? Suppose all Island aquifers become contaminated and we run out of potable water? Suppose Island property prices drop rapidly and our houses become uninsurable as a direct result of fracking? Suppose cancer clusters start appearing within a… Read more »
Frank James
Q. What happens if we continue to ignore all the science/physics/laws of nature confirming mankind’s stupid/mad/suicidal planet-damaging choices? A. Briefly; very bad things, in addition to the bad things which are already happening. For those who may have missed it (apparently including many of our political and business leaders), it was agreed at the Paris climate crisis conference that we are in a hole and should stop… Read more »
Mark Francis

I have heard fracking causes volcanoes to erupt
and will thereby release Godzilla from his zillion year old subterranean tomb.
Why are we never told the full facts on the Godzilla question?
What are the Lizard People hiding from us?

That sounds like a great plot for a film, but I can’t quite see it happening in reality! The government, which is terribly fond of the idea of re election, is simply not going allow companies in to poison the wells whilst performing some sort of fossil fuel funded, genocidal, ethnic cleansing of South Wight. But on the plus side, if South Wight did fall off at… Read more »
Mark Francis

Actually many anti-fracking campaigners
have suggested it will cause volcanoes & other utter nonsense. This issue should be decided on science not mythology.
In Blackpool there was a panic over cracks in a bridge “caused by fracking” when some elderly resident said he remembered the cracks being there since the 1970S.

Does Chillerton TV mast still work now that terrestrial TV is switched off?

sylvia richardson

please mr turner say no to fracking. our island is unstable enough

“Subsidies for small scale solar electricity panels on homes are to be cut, the government has announced, although by less than expected. The subsidies will be cut by 64%, although this is less than the previous proposal of an 87% reduction.” Another government U-turn leaving home-owners who wee conned into installing solar panels with a £25000+ charge on the value of their property. (Also look at the… Read more »
Michael Cox
After watching the TV,also reading the papers and watching the news on TV.the problem with fracking has certainly are causing many rows and arguments in and out westminster.But these arguments been continuing for many many months.The one way i see is that this fracking has been quite successful in some states ,maybe not others.But yes it will be allowed in parks as long as the heads are… Read more »
Matt Harwood
Fossil fuels are not the solution to our future and our childrens’ futures. Fracking will bring short financial gain but it will cause irrevocable environmental damage. Carcinogenic chemicals entering our water sources, huge quantities of waste water that can never be safely stored without it leaching back into soils. In North America communities have seen increases in cancer and illness in areas where water and food sources… Read more »

I don’t know what all the anti frackers are worried about.

The tunnel for a fixed link is going to be enormous compared to the drill holes used for fracking and would do just as much damage.

Mmmm! That’s news! Perhaps if the tunnel promoters admit that carcinogenic chemicals will be pumped constantly through the tunnel to end up in the aquifers and that the construction operations will endanger the fragile geology in Landslip, Luccombe, Undercliffe, Blackgang and Compton, it might change people’s views about the desirability of a FL? On the other hand, perhaps Gordon knows as little about tunnelling as he appears… Read more »

I know that a tunnel will split the island in half , north to south, and people will have to use a bridge or ferry to get from east to west.


So a tunnel wouldl split the Island into four quadrants? What is that interesting view based on? :-))


It was the view I got from a drone camera borrowed from a different story.


….. as the tunnel doesn’t exist at the moment….????


Not yet but give me a couple of quid and I’ll start digging in the new year.
Happy Christmas!

Tanja Rebel

To Observer,

Glad to be of service. However, does Climate chaos, environmental degradation, extinct species and human disregard for the planet we live upon make you laugh as well? In that case, you have a morbid sense of humour…


“Plans to part-privatise Green Investment Bank (GIB) were announced by Business Secretary Sajid Javid in June.”

Another sell-out to the Financial community by Osborne and the Tory government!

How long before Green Investment Bank (sic!) invests in fracking projects?


I know that the reading of actual newspapers is a bit old school these days, but I noticed a story about how drilling is to begin here within months in The Times (link below). Surprised nobody picked up on it.